Geek Squad Scam Emails: How to Spot?

Geek Squad scam emails

An increasing number of people have begun to receive emails purporting to be from the now-defunct Geek Squad. People have begun to question if these emails are genuine as a result.

Consequently, we will examine these emails in this post and inform you as to whether they are authentic or not.

What is Geek Squad?

Established in 1994, Geek Squad was an independent company that offered a range of computer-related services and accessories to both residential and business customers. It became a part of the large consumer electronics company Big Buy later in 2002.

Robert Stephens, a chief inspector, founded it, and its main office was located in Minnesota, USA. It doesn’t yet operate through any of the available forms.

People who got emails from Geek Squad have begun to doubt it as a result of its entire shutdown. The majority of the emails they have received contain links or phone numbers regarding the auto-renewal of subscriptions.

One of the examples of emails is:

Dear User,

Your Subscription with GEEK SQUAD will Renew Today and $359.99 is about to be Debited from your account by Today. The Debited Amount will be reflected within the next 24. In case of any further clarifications or block the auto-renewal service please reach out Customer Help Center.
Description Quantity Unit Price Total Geek Squad Best Buy Service (One Year Subscription)

Subtotal $359.99
Sales Tax $0.00
Total $359.99

If you didn't authorize this Charge, you have 24 Hrs. To cancel & get an instant refund of your annual subscription, please contact our customer care.

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Geek Squad Scam Emails

Based on our thorough investigation, it appears that scammers posing as Geek Squad workers are the source of these communications. They are unrelated to the original Geek Squad because that one has ceased operations in the market.

Scammers’ main goal is to steal your money, and they accomplish this by making you believe that money will be taken out of your account shortly. When you call them in response to this threat of having money taken out of your account, the con artists will answer the phone and pretend to be from Geek Squad.

Geek Squad Scam email

Furthermore, to halt the automatic withdrawal from your account, the con artists on the phone will request your personal or financial information, including your bank account data and debit or credit card details, once they have obtained complete confirmation, they will cut off the phone and block you.

This financial and personal data is sufficient for con artists to regularly withdraw money from your account.

You can look out for specific warning signs to help you spot scam emails. As scammers frequently masquerade as fictitious firms or imitate legitimate companies, the first step should always be to verify the legitimacy of the sender or the company. They are utilizing the name of a completely closed corporation in this instance.

Furthermore, the con artists’ communications consistently have an amateurish tone and frequently contain grammatical errors. Furthermore, the con artists employ language that would incite readers’ feelings of urgency—words that a reputable business would never use.

Consequently, you should immediately discard any emails that raise any such red flags.

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