Hallmark Overstock Sale Legit or Scam?

hallmark.com scam

Social media has been the source of recent rumors that Hallmark is overstocking over the holiday season and offering huge discounts on all of its products, passing it off as a clearance sale.

We’ll examine all of these rumors and social media posts in this piece to determine whether or not they’re true, as well as whether or not Hallmark is offering fantastic deals.

What is Hallmark?

The largest and most established greeting card producer in the country is Hallmark, a privately held company run by an American family. It was started in 1910 by Joyce Hall, also known as J.C. Hall, and is based in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States.


Very recently, several websites claiming to be associated with the authentic Hallmark joined the market and began offering goods at steep price reductions. All of these domains were advertised as clearance sales or overstocking sales on social media.

Due to several dubious components, many individuals began to have doubts about these social media campaigns and domains. The text of such social media advertisements reads as follows:

We have closed some underperforming stores, resulting in a large amount of overstock, and we offer special sales to reward our customers. We would be very grateful if you could help these shop owners recover their funds. Here is what the Facebook ads read:

BLACKSHOPDAYS.COM – Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Overstock From $3.8 – We have closed some underperforming stores resulting in a large amount of overstocked inventory which we sell at a special price of 90% off to reward our customers

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Hallmark Overstock Sale Scam

Consequently, according to our investigation, the websites and social media posts that advertise Hallmark clearance sales or overstock sales and offer items at extremely low rates are entirely fraudulent and run by con artists looking to defraud people of their money.

The attractive words “limited time offer” or “clearance sale” are typically used at the opening of these social media postings, creating a sense of urgency in the viewers that encourage them to buy items from those phony domains.


We must inform you that these fake websites are intended to trick individuals and have nothing to do with the actual Hallmark brand. The official Hallmark website is Hallmark.com, and the official Hallmark website will mention any other domains that are associated with the real Hallmark brand.

These social media posts contain some warning signs, as well as phony domains that can aid in identifying the con artists. These red flags include newly formed domains, grammatical problems in promotional text and on websites, and irrational product discounts.

It is unquestionably a fraud if you notice any of these warning signs in any advertising that mentions a “Hallmark Overstock Sale”.

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