Horizon Data Settlement: Legit or Scam?

Horizon Settlement letters legit

Several people began to receive letters regarding Horizon Settlement. Due to the prevalence of scammers using court settlement names, individuals are beginning to question whether these letters are authentic or fraudulent.

As a result, we’ll tell you about Horizon Settlement briefly and determine whether or not those letters are genuine in this post.

What is Horizon Data Settlement?

A cyber data breach that occurred at Horizon Actuarial Services LLC back in 2021 affected about 100,000 people who were enrolled in employer-sponsored benefit plans.

Thus, a settlement that will attempt to reimburse has recently occurred in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia. The victim has a right to know about this settlement, according to the court.

Sherwood, et al. v. Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC is the case name. The people who purchased the lawsuit also think that Horizon Actuarial Services, the defendants in this case, is accountable for the cyber data breach.

Horizon Settlement

On behalf of Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC, a notification will be addressed to you if you are impacted by this data breach accident and potentially a member of the settlement class.

Therefore, if you are eligible, you can fill out a claim form on the official website for this settlement which is Horizondatasettlement.com.

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Is Horizon Settlement Letters Scam?

Our investigation indicates that the letters people are getting about Horizon Settlement are entirely authentic. They are merely sent by the appropriate authorities to remind data breach victims of settlement advantages.

Even if it’s safe to assume that these letters came from genuine authorities, you should be aware of the telltale indicators of scam letters in case con artists start sending emails that look official.

Initially, if scammers reach out to you via email, they consistently assume the identity of legitimate authorities by using a slightly altered email address. Scam letters also frequently have unprofessional writing styles and grammatical errors in their text.

You should disregard communications posing as class action settlements right away if you encounter any of these warning signs in them.

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