$6400 Health Subsidy: Legit or Scam?

$6400 Subsidy Scam

A new rumor has been spreading that the government is giving health subsidies of $6400 to their taxpayers.

In this post, we are going to scrutinize all these rumors and let you know if they are legit or not.

What is a $6400 Subsidy?

An earlier video that went viral on Facebook claimed that taxpayers would receive almost $6400 in health-related benefits.

A person can be seen in the video stating that she contacted the health hotline and qualified for $6400 in credits. She stated she can now utilize those credits to meet her financial requirements and encouraged others to visit a website to see if they qualify as well.

Many people have visited these websites and clicked on the link to check their eligibility after the video went viral. You must even complete a registration form on the website and enter your personal information there.

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$6400 Health Subsidy Scam

Our inquiry revealed that the $6400 health subsidy rumor is an entirely false story spread to deceive the public. Because some Americans cannot afford health insurance, fraudsters are taking advantage of their plight to commit fraud and utilize their information for illegal purposes.

$6400 Health Subsidy

These websites occasionally even demand payment to complete the registration form. Because the scammers behind these websites and rumors just want your personal information, which is crucial, we encourage you to avoid them. Data theft is a very significant concern that can also cause you trouble.

We must caution you against taking any of the actions outlined in the video of the $6400 health subsidy rumor and to avoid clicking any links or disclosing any personal information. You should be aware that the government does not simply throw out money.

To find actual government schemes and benefits, follow these 3 official websites for legitimate and latest updates.

  • Benefits.gov
  • GovLoans.gov
  • Grants.gov

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6 thoughts on “$6400 Health Subsidy: Legit or Scam?”

  1. So….why are these sites, ads, etc not being STOPPED??? It is so very misleading for all of us “seniors” out there trying to make ends meet as expenses soar! Why isn’t the government doing something?

    1. Because the government doesn’t actually care about us and if THEY ACTUALLY DID OFFER UP TO 6400$… IT WOULDNT BE FROM THEM THEY WOULD TAKE IT OUT OF THENMONEY YOU PAID OUT TO YOUR RETIREMENT FUNDS. The government isn’t giving us anything and I wouldn’t trust it if they did. You got people in office who are life ling politicians that make $150k a yr at the highest level…yet they are million and billionaires. They make thier money by screwing over the American people and doing back room deals. They aint helping us.

    2. The government is too busy spending money to house and feed illegal immigrants, to supply Ukraine with war machinery and Israel with weapons to continue their genocide against the Palestinian women and children!

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