ITP Corp App Removed from Play Store & Apple Store

itp corp shut down

Earlier, we have informed our readers about the ITP Corp Ponzi scheme and warned them that it would eventually collapse, costing its members money. We also discussed how unlawful Ponzi schemes ensnare people.

As a result, a few authorities have responded to the ITP Corp Ponzi scheme. Google and Apple have both removed their apps from the Play Store and the App Store.

As a result, we will explain the reason behind ITP Corp.’s app shutdown in this post and determine whether it portends the company’s impending collapse.

What is ITP Corp?

ITP Corp, also known as Intelligent Technology Pioneer Corporation, provides its members with an affiliate program and asserts that it uses cryptocurrencies to optimize member investments.

ITP Corp

We previously revealed how extremely deceptive ITP Corp’s statements were, and how these false claims and promises of improbable income prospects are drawing in new customers.

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ITP Corp App Removed by Google & Apple

In an attempt to protect its customers from fraudulent programs that registered themselves by supplying fake details, Apple withdrew the ITP Corp app from its app store in November of 2023. For the same reasons as Apple, Google likewise withdrew its app back in September.

After the removal of their software from the software Store, ITP Corp released the following statement:

To better meet the needs of ITP business development, we hereby upgrade and modernize the IOS system terminal, which we solemnly notify all IOS system terminal users.

When Google pulled their app in September, they released a statement that looked like this:

To provide a better experience for Android users, ITP technical department will carry out a full range of updates and upgrades on the Android OS.

During this period, new Android users should first use the web version.

It is expected that this update will be completed within 10 working days, at that time, ITP will restart the Google Play Store search function again. In this way, if you cause inconvenience, please understand!

ITP Corp made the same kinds of statements both times its app was withdrawn from the Play and App stores, as is clear and visible, stating that the software is merely being halted for maintenance and will be improved shortly.

We must remind our readers that if a company changes its app, users don’t experience any disruptions and may continue to use it normally. When developers release an update, users can upgrade the app as well.

The real reason why Google and Apple withdrew their apps is the illegal aspects of the ITP Corp, so their maintenance justification is completely false.

itp corp shut down (New Website of ITP)

A cat and mouse game was going on after Google withdrew its app from the Play Store; ITP re-uploaded the software with false but updated details, and Google removed it once more. This cycle continued for a while before coming to an end.

Although it’s not the end of ITP Corp, we conclude that it’s undoubtedly the beginning of it. Right now, it’s only Google and Apple, but in the future, several other agencies, including the government, will start taking action against it, and the operators will have to pack their bags.

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