Majestic Track Review: Legit or Another Scam?

Majestic Track scam

A new Trading platform named Majestic Track has entered and generated ample buzz in the market due to its claims of giving very high returns on cryptocurrency through its innovative AI trading bot.

In this post, we will review Majestic Track and inform you about its legitimacy.

What is Majestic Track?

Majestic Track is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that provides other services related to web3 as well. It also offers an affiliate program that allows its users to earn more rewards over the perks of its major services.

Majestic Track

The CEO of Majestic Track is Oscar Ferrero and its headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia.

majestic track founder

Majestic Track, also known as Majestic Ecosystems is currently operating from two different domains on the internet. Those two domains are

According to WHOIS, both domains of Majestic Track,, and, were registered on August 2023.

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Website Profile &
Known asMajestic Track
Services offeredTrading
Domain registration date13 August 2023
AddressLevel 17 31 Queen Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia
Contact e-mail[email protected]

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Majestic Track Review

After researching the business model and company profile of Majestic Track on the internet, we found several red flags in it. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Suspicious past of founders
  • Possible Ponzi scheme
  • No retailable products
  • Bogus website
  • Lack of reviews on the internet

On the surface, Majestic Track seems to be a legal firm; in fact, they registered themselves with ASIC through a shell company. However, many questions remain about the organization, including its business plan, phony services, and the founder’s dubious past.


Given that the MLM side of the company is the principal source of revenue and has a very limited audience reach, its business model suggests that it may be a Ponzi scheme, which could cost participants a significant sum of money if it falls. There have been several Ponzi scams in the past that used the same pattern.

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Who is the operator of Majestic Track?

Oscar Ferrero is the operator of Majestic Track.

From where is Majestic Track operating?

Majestic Track is operating from Melbourne, Australia.

Is Majestic Track legit?

No, Majestic Track doesn’t appear to be a legitimate platform.

Should I use the services of Majestic Track?

Yes, you can use the services of Majestic Track but at your own risk.

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