MTFE Trading Collapse! How to Withdraw Money?

MTFE Trading review

MTFE Trading News Today: In our earlier MTFE Review, we strongly advised people to steer clear of this elaborate scam masquerading as a Ponzi scheme, as it had the potential to collapse at any moment.

Unfortunately, our concerns have become a reality, as the MTFE Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

In this post, we will provide you with MTFE news and offer helpful guidance on the MTFE withdrawal update.

MTFE Trading Collapse

Metaverse Foreign Exchange (MTFE) entered the scene as an investment platform that promised unparalleled returns through foreign exchange trading within the metaverse.

The collapse of Metaverse Foreign Exchange (MTFE), a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme launched in 2022, serves as a stark warning about the dangers lurking in the digital investment landscape.

mtfe trading review

Operating under the guise of metaverse-based foreign exchange trading, MTFE initially worked from “” However, after a regulatory warning in July, it swiftly shifted to “” to evade scrutiny.

MTFE’s attempt to escape regulatory scrutiny by relocating to the “” domain further complicated efforts to track its online activities.

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How to Withdraw Funds From MTFE?

As the collapse of the MTFE scheme unfolds, it has become increasingly apparent that withdrawals are impossible. Users started getting delays in withdrawals from 12 August 2023.

mtfe withdrawal issue

Despite the official website remaining accessible, users have been unable to receive any funds after 17 August.

This stark discrepancy, where deposits are still accepted while withdrawals are restricted, strongly suggests the presence of a potential scam.

If you have got any financial losses due to MTFE or any similar Ponzi scheme, it is advisable to explore the option of filing a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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