Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

In the realm of online shopping, it is crucial for consumers to exercise caution when selecting an e-commerce platform. One such online store that has recently emerged is

This will aim to do an unbiased review and will find out whether is legit or a scam.

What is (Macy’s) is an online store that claims to offer various items, particularly in the “Hot Sale & Duffels” category. review

It claims to be selling various luggage, etc and these products are sold at a discount rate. The website showcases products such as the “Best Travel Companion bags Apricot Black,” Wheeled Duffel bag, etc.

The store presents itself as a destination for customers seeking travel companions or duffel bags.

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Website Profile
Known asNewcleansesale/Macy’s
Site typeOnline Store
Services offeredTravel Bags
Domain registration date7 June 2023
Contact e-mail[email protected]

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After conducting an investigation into, we have identified several concerning indicators. Now, let’s examine them closely:

  • Recent Created Website
  • Customer Complaints
  • Website name different from domain
  • Fake Contact Address
  • Suspicious/Outrageous Discounts
  • Poor customer support
  • Stolen Contents
  • No Social Media Presence

We advise users to refrain from placing trust in such online stores and to avoid sharing personal information with them.

Instead, it is recommended to opt for reliable e-commerce platforms rather than being lured by these enticing offers.

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Is legit? is not legitimate.

Can I trust

No, is not trustworthy.

Should I buy from is a fake website, never purchase any product from these types of online stores.

Is real or fake? is a fake website. The aim of these online stores is to only collect personal information and scam users.

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