Office Depot Free Trial Scam Emails Exposed!

Office depot free trials emails

Recently, people have begun to get emails from Office Depot informing them that they have already accessed their free trials and that they would be charged after the trial ends. People now doubt it because of the massive rise in scam emails.

They are skeptical as to whether these emails are really from Office Depot or are merely another con being disseminated by scammers via text messages purporting to be from the company.

Consequently, we will examine these emails offering free trials from Office Depot and inform you if they are legitimate or not.

Office Depot Free Trials Emails?

People have been receiving emails lately saying, “Thank you for registering for a free trial of Business Select.” The mailings further specify that you would be charged $49 per month once the trial period ends.

Office Depot official website

Office Depot offers a service called Business Select, wherein members get savings on business-related purchases such as paper, ink, toner, cleaning supplies, and breakroom equipment.

The emails offering free trials are being sent from [email protected], and the fact that they are reaching people who haven’t even registered for Business Select is what worries the public.

Because con artists sometimes employ these kinds of ruses to trick individuals, questions have arisen as to whether these emails are authentic or are the work of fraudsters posing as Office Depot.

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Is It Legit?

Our research indicates that Office Depot, and not scammers, is the source of these emails claiming that you have access to free trials of Business Select. [email protected] is a legitimate email address connected to Office Depot.

Office Depot has already provided clarification to anyone who received this email, stating that the series of emails was the result of an error on their end. They sent another email outlining everything in detail.

As a result, you should disregard and not worry about these emails about free trials of Office Depot’s Business Select.

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