OilGasLife.com Real or Fake? Honest Review

oilgaslife.com review

In today’s competitive job market, online platforms have become a popular resource for job seekers.

However, not all platforms are created equal, and it is essential to exercise caution when exploring new websites.

In this post, we will be doing Oilgaslife.com Review and will find out whether Oil gas life is real or fake.

What is OilGasLife.com?

OilGasLife.com is a website that claims to provide job opportunities in the oil and gas industry. According to its description, it offers various types of jobs including onshore jobs, LNG-Canada jobs, power plant jobs, and offshore jobs.

OilGasLife.com Review

OilGasLife.com is not designed as a job portal site, it’s a personal blog sharing recruitment updates.

The website only provides information about the job and for applying it redirects the user to the official job portal.

As per similar web data, the domain OilGasLife.com has around 400k+ monthly traffic.

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Website Profile

Known asOilGasLife
Site typeBlog
Service OfferedJobs Notification
Domain registration date1 May 2022
AddressNot known
Contact e-mailNot known

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OilGasLife.com Review

After reviewing OilGasLife.com, we found it as a scam and misleading website. Here are some red flags to consider it a scam.

  • Fake job notifications
  • Misleading job categories
  • Redirecting to official job portals with no job openings
  • Deceptive tactics to generate traffic
  • Lack of credibility and legitimacy
  • Negative reviews and feedback from users
  • Contact information missing

The only purpose of this kind of site is to generate revenue through advertisements and from the personal data of users.

We advise users to check official or trusted sources for jobs notification, these types of sites just waste users’ time and misguide them.

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Are the jobs on OilGasLife.com for freshers?

OilGasLife.com claims to offer various job opportunities, but it’s all scams. In reality, there are no such real jobs listed on the website.

Is OilGasLife.com legit?

No, OilGasLife.com is not legitimate, have been concerns raised about the legitimacy of OilGasLife.com.

Are the jobs on Oilgaslife.com real?

No, the oil and gas jobs listed on OilGasLife.com are fake, they’ve listed jobs to misguide users and generate traffic.

Is OilGasLife.com real or fake?

OilGasLife.com is a fake website. It claims to provide job opportunities but in reality, it just misguides users to generate revenue from advertisements.

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