OmegaPro Scammer Launched New Platform “Go Global”

Go Global

OmegaPro collapsed in November 2022, after disabling withdrawals and failing the XPL token launch.

The Ponzi scheme operated out of Dubai has recently collapsed, and completed its exit scam giving an excuse saying that “we got hacked!

The company had received securities fraud warnings from countries such as Peru, Congo Republic, Spain, Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France and Belgium.

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Go Global, a new company claiming to be an educational platform was recently established on January 20th, 2023. However, there are concerns that it may be another Ponzi scheme, similar to the recently collapsed OmegaPro.

The CEO of Go Global, Nader Poordeljoo, has a questionable past as he was also the President of OmegaPro, a Ponzi scheme that was based out of Dubai and collapsed in November 2022.


Additionally, A.K Khalil, who was involved in the OmegaPro scam, is also reported to be involved with Go Global. These connections raise red flags and suspicions about the true nature of Go Global’s operations.

The information is from Instagram as per the Go Global official account @goglobal.official

It is essential for individuals to be cautious when considering participating in Go Global, as it may be operating a fraudulent scheme similar to OmegaPro. Still, there are no details about the services and business offerings of Go Global.

The company’s website may be viewed as a However, it is not confirmed or shared by the officials.

The individuals running OmegaPro have not been arrested or charged with any crimes yet.

Investors who have lost money in OmegaPro should contact the authorities in their country of residence to report the fraud and seek legal advice on their options for recovery.

However, it seems that the masterminds behind OmegaPro have not given up on their fraudulent activities yet. It has recently come to light that they have rebranded their scam under the name Go Global.

Also, OmegaPro is also considered one of the Worst MLM Comapnies

It is essential for individuals to be cautious when considering investing in Go Global, as it may be operating a fraudulent scheme similar to OmegaPro.

Investors should be aware of the red flags associated with Ponzi and pyramid schemes, such as unrealistic returns, pressure to recruit others to join, and secrecy about the company’s operations.

It is important for people to be vigilant and not fall for the trap of easy money, as this is a common tactic used by scammers to lure in unsuspecting victims.

Before investing in any company, it is crucial to do your own research and investigate the company’s background, its management team, and its business model.

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