Paris Clear Cup Scam: How to Avoid?

Paris Clear Cup scam

There is a fresh tourist scam circulating the streets of Paris that has conned many travelers thus far.

As a result, we will evaluate this scam in this post and inform you of how to prevent it if you are ever in Paris.

Paris Clear Cup Scam

Paris is regarded as a fantastic travel location for sightseeing and city walks. However, many homeless persons live on Paris’s streets since they do not only belong to locals and tourists.


Additionally, there is a connection between this swindle and the homeless people who live next to the streets. When a cup full of change gets knocked over while you are out on the street and the coins start to fly everywhere, a homeless person witnesses your conduct and you feel terrible.

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How Does This Scam Work?

This con acts passively at times and aggressively at others. A few times, victims of these scams encountered intense hostility from the homeless as a result of knocking down a cup full of coins.

In addition, the homeless individuals begin to bother the visitors, asking them why they knocked over their coin-filled cups. They also want money in exchange for your act, and if you refuse to give it to them, they will scream and make a disturbance.

On the other hand, pickpockets occasionally begin their work when victims bend over to collect coins that have fallen from their pockets, stealing cash and valuables. And that’s how the twofold con operates.

Many victims in this scenario believe that they accidentally knocked the cup full of coins, however that is untrue.

Only a moment ago, the cup didn’t exist. The beggar quickly realized you were a visitor and set his sights on you, putting the cup right in front of your foot so you would kick it.

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How to Avoid This Scam?

Just try to avoid it if you see something suspicious, like a cup full of coins, when you’re strolling through Paris.

If you accidentally knock a cup, just ignore it and move on. The homeless people will probably stare at you and want to talk to you, but don’t spend time because there might be pickpockets waiting for you.

Additionally, for your protection, you can contact the local police and law enforcement if you feel harassed by any homeless people.

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