Pink Lily Stores Scam: How to Avoid?

Pink Lily Store Scam

There is a network of websites with the name Pink Lily online store that provides discounts on their goods of up to 90%.

In this post, we will securitize these domains and let you know if these are real Pink Lily Stores or just a hoax.

What is Pink Lily Store?

Online retailer Pink Lily Store specializes in selling clothing, accessories, and other fashion items for ladies. Its headquarters are in Kentucky, United States, and it has been doing business there since 2003.

The actual website of Pink Lily is, other than this most websites are scams and pretend to be original Pink Lily Store.

pinklilysale-com scam (Scam Website)

However, there are several other websites that sell goods at outrageously low costs while claiming to be connected to the actual Pink Lily Store.

Additionally, several issues have been made as a result of significant discounts offered on Pink Lily Store products on websites other than

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Pink Lily Store Scam

So, any other store that offers an unrealistic price cut while claiming to be affiliated with the Pink Lily Store is a hoax. is the only domain where the original Pink Lily Store still runs; all others are scams.

Utilizing the name of a famous and legitimate online retailer, the con artists launched numerous domains and actively pushed them on social media and other channels. By promising consumers inexpensive things, they deceive them and draw them into their trap.

Many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction over receiving fake goods or not receiving any goods at all from these websites. Additionally, there are many other warning signs in those sites.

You can use tools like Web Safety Checker to detect scam websites.

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How to identify the Pink Lily Store scam?

Apart from, any website that claims to be affiliated with Pink Lily Store is a scam.

From where Pink Lily Store is operating?

The original is operating from Kentucky, United States.

Should I order products from the Pink Lily Store?

Yes, you can order products but from only the original Pink Lily Store.

What to do if I got fooled by the Pink Lily Store scam?

However, you can inform the local authorities about the scam so that they can take legal action even if there are extremely slim odds that you would receive your money back.

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