Schuh Outlet Scam Websites Exposed!

A fresh fraud has been making the rounds through multiple domains posing as the well-known Scottish retailer Schuh. These phony domains are widely disseminated to the public through social media advertisements.

Consequently, we will discuss the fraud operating under the name Schuh in this post and teach you how to spot it.

What is Schuh?

Established in 1981, Schuh is a Scottish-based retailer of footwear. It operates 132 outlets in the UK and Ireland together. In its stores, it sells shoes from numerous well-known international brands, such as Adidas, Vans, and many more.

Recently, a small number of domains have begun appearing in the market that offer shoes and clothing under the Schuh brand even though they are unrelated to Schuh.

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Are Those Domains Legit?

The truth is that scammers are in charge of all those domains, and they spread the word about them through social media marketing. The names and product images of the original Schuh have been used on those domains, which is completely illegal.

Furthermore, you will either receive nothing or counterfeit goods if you order anything from those domains. Ordering goods from those phony domains may potentially result in the loss of your money and bank information.

Cause you allowed thieves access to your financial information, including payment card and bank account details, when you made a payment on those websites made with fictitious domains.

However, after much investigation, we have identified a small number of fraudulent domains that you should never use. Those domains are:


It should be noted that Schuh’s original website is If you are willing to place an order with Schuh, please use this domain. Apart from that, every domain is merely fake.

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Is Schuh legit?

Yes, Schuh is a completely legitimate retailer and has been in the market for so many years.

From where Schuh is operating?

Schuh is a retailer based in Livingston, Scotland.

Should I order products from Schuh?

Yes, you can confidently place orders for goods from Schuh. However, you only need to avoid scam websites made using Schuh’s name.

What to do if got scammed by fraudulent websites?

You can report it to the relevant authorities in your area, who will start investigating it.

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