7 Skills to Become Network Marketing Superstar

mlm skills

Network Marketing not only requires hard work but also asks for many personal and professional skills to achieve success. Anyone can join MLM at any age without academic qualifications but it does not imply that you don’t need skills.

99% of people fail in MLM and hence you need to be something extraordinary to get success. In this post, we will cover a few important skills to learn and use in direct selling.

Skills Required To Get Success in MLM

We all are familiar with the MLM concept which is legal in most countries.

Quick revise, MLM is a way of marketing and distribution of products/services, where companies allow independent distributors to promote their products and recruit more distributors to build downline and earn commission on sales made by downline distributors.

Product Selling and Recruitment are the 2 prime tasks of MLM distributors. Hence, there are a set of skills that are required to accomplish both tasks efficiently and achieve success in MLM.

Below are the skills that help to gain success as a Network Marketer.

1. Marketing

marketing skills

Marketing can be defined as the activity to study the market, exploring the customer needs and providing solutions to potential customers.

It is the art of selecting the target audience, communicating with people, presenting the products to people and agreeing on people making a purchase or joining your downline.

MLM distributors can’t survive without marketing and as a result, it is the foremost skill to achieve success.

There are various types of marketing such as Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Hence MLM distributors can identify their quality and accelerate their MLM business. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic made people learn social media marketing and various MLM distributors have achieved success by learning the social media & digital marketing skill.

2. Presentation Skills

presentation skills

The main aim of any MLM company is to reach a huge audience through its distributors. For distributors, it is important to present the products in an appropriate manner in front of people to make them interested and convert them to customers.

Presentation skill is essential for recruitment as well, as distributors have to explain MLM compensation plan and opportunity to thousands of people.

The presentation or demo must include all the crucial data such as product features, how it is better than other products, usage, ingredients, steps to use, as well as other attractive traits.

3. Communication

communication skills

Communication is the key element of marketing. The distributors have to communicate with customers/ people and take required feedback regarding the products and MLM opportunity. Efficient communication results in successful sales.

As an MLM distributor, you have to gain communication skills that make people give to try your MLM product & opportunity. Once tried, you can ask for the feedback, required changes, and suggestions of customers making them feel important and hence retaining them for longer.

4. Other Interpersonal Skills

interpersonal skills

The other interpersonal skills include problem-solving, listening skills, self-confidence, reactive and proactive responses, negotiation and relationship management.

All these skills together help a distributor to walk on the path to success. Only explaining to customers is not enough, listening well to customers’ points of view is equally important.

Having self-confidence and responsive nature will help you to build strong customer relationships.

5. Team Leadership

leadership skills

MLM is all about marketing and distribution to earn commissions on personal as well as downline sales. MLM companies pay more commission on building large downlines, as downlines provide passive income.

Being a leading distributor learning leadership skills along with the capability to accept mistakes, confidence to bring the changes and strength to support the downline is important.

Every MLM distributor has to face the same kind of challenges, therefore upline has to take responsibility to help downline distributors and solve their problems. Only active downlines can bring exponential growth for every MLM distributor, hence leadership qualities are vital to learning.

6. Follow-Up

follow up

Many people underestimate the power of follow-up. It’s quite common to hear No from people during sales pitches. Initially, more than 90% will say no to you, therefore follow-up is essential in MLM.

Maybe the person doesn’t need your product now or prospectus is busy with some other thing, then obviously they will say no. Hence, try to understand the requirement of the prospectus and do follow-up according to that.

Every pitch should result in either conversion or conclusion and based on that decide the next follow-up.

Follow-up should be more interactive and not just a pitch.

7. Management

management skills

Management includes managing every smallest and biggest aspect related to your position in the MLM business such as managing time, downline, strategies, documents and work as well.

Time and downline management are a must as it saves you from missing to earn commissions. Strategies are to be made, followed as well as updated to improve at a faster rate.

With the growing business, it is important to strengthen the management strategies as scalability needs SOPs to follow.

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