Success Factory Collapse! CEO Roald Mailly Steps Down

Success Factory Review

Success Factory News Update: In our previous Success Factory Review, we strongly advised users to exercise extreme caution and avoid getting involved with this doubtful platform, as it was operating as a Ponzi scheme with a high risk of failure.

Unfortunately, our warning has now emerged into stark reality, as the Success Factory has collapsed.

This Post will delve into the details around the Success Factory collapse, as well as guide how to withdraw funds from Success Factory.

Success Factory Collapses

Founded as a marketing arm of the DagCoin Ponzi scheme, Success Factory quickly gained attention as a vehicle for former OneCoin scammers Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala to recruit unsuspecting victims.

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The scheme revolved around the unsustainable practice of continually enlisting new investors to pay off previous participants, a classic hallmark of a Ponzi scheme.

In a strategic pivot, Success Factory transitioned its focus to the forex market, capitalizing on the hype surrounding automated trading and the allure of potential profits.

This shift coincided with the collapse of the DagCoin scheme around mid-2022, which sent shockwaves through the organization and prompted its key figures to abandon the ship.

As Success Factory attempted to salvage its reputation and operations, it faced mounting legal challenges and regulatory scrutiny.

In November 2022, Estonian and Dutch authorities executed raids on Success Factory’s offices in the Netherlands, further tarnishing the company’s image.

Success Factory Collapses

The release of co-CEOs Roald Mailly and Jason Tyne has only added to the uncertainty surrounding Success Factory’s future.

Their decision to launch a new company, MKX, signals an attempt to distance themselves from the tainted legacy of Success Factory.

After this operation, it is considered by experts that Success Factory is about to collapse.

After leaving success factory CEO Roald Mailly stated:

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce my decision to step down as CEO of Success Factory, effective immediately. The past ten months have been a period of personal and professional challenges, which have made me realize it is time for new leadership.

I’ve had the privilege of leading Success Factory with great honor and joy, and now I believe it is time for someone else to continue the journey.

I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of this journey. Your commitment has not only elevated Success Factory but has had a positive impact around the world.

I eagerly look forward to Success Factory’s continued growth and prosperity under new leadership.”

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