Thor Shipping Scam: How to Avoid?

thor shipping scam

A new series of text messages and e-mails are circulating among the masses with the promise of giving Job offers in Thor Shipping. Often people receive emails from the following type of address, [email protected].

This post will tell you whether these text messages or e-mails are legit or a scam.

What is Thor Shipping?

Thor Shipping is an online courier or goods delivery platform that has gained notoriety in the market as a result of sending out a lot of emails to fill positions. It uses several internet domains to conduct its business.

Please note that the actual website of Thor Ship is and the official email address is [email protected].

Many people have gotten emails or texts from the Thor Shipping company offering them the chance to work from home and make money. In the messages, Thor Shipping has also revealed its address.

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Thor Shipping Scam

The job offers from Thor Shipping are a scam; the organization has many warning signs and doesn’t even appear to be authentic. Additionally, employing people by email and text message is not a professional or ethical hiring practice.

thor shipping scam

The psychology underlying these emails is to take advantage of job seekers’ desperation to swindle them.

Many con artists are scamming people as a result of the increased unemployment; often, they only demand a small amount of money in exchange for a job guarantee.

So be careful of any random email, message, or social media post for Job opportunities. We have already shared the official website and email address of Thor Ship above.

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From where Thor Shipping scam is operating?

According to some of their messages, they are operating from California, the USA.

Is Thor Shipping legit?

No, Thor Shipping is not legitimate.

Is Thor Shipping legit?

Any message you receive regarding a job on behalf of Thor Shipping is a scam.

What to do if I received any messages from Thor Shipping?

You can report to the respective authorities of your country about Thor Shipping with much information provided in their text messages.

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