Trademark Sapling Emails Scam Exposed!

Trademark Sapling Scam

A new fraud known as the Trademark Sapling fraud has been making waves in the industry with a brand-new domain and a string of emails.

We’ll examine this Trademark Sapling Scam in this piece and teach you what to do.

What is a Trademark Sapling Scam?

Many website owners and business owners have recently been receiving emails from Trademark Sapling Scam. According to the email, someone is attempting to register your brand and a web address as a federal trademark.

The email goes on to say that you should call the number provided in the email right away if you would like to stop this process. You are connected to a person pretending to be an attorney after contacting that number.

Trademark Sapling official website

The attorney then requests that the owners of the business or website pay a $299 registration fee to register their trademark and prevent anyone else from obtaining a federal trademark for their company or domain.

We must inform our readers that no one is attempting to obtain a federal trademark for your brand or domain; these are only false statements supplied by con artists. Scammers are merely spreading false information in an attempt to defraud you of your money.

Trademark Sapling will send you counterfeit receipts bearing the USPTO logo as soon as the payment is received. And after they get the necessary money, they will cut off your connection, meaning that the scam will merely be carried out.

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What to Do?

The easiest way to protect your funds from this fraud is to stay away from any contacts or correspondence with any emails purporting to be from Trademark Sapling.

Since Trademark Sapling’s official website is, we should caution you against using it, even if you receive an email from Trademark Sapling regarding trademark registration.

Their freshly formed website, which promises to assist various business owners in obtaining federal trademarks, is replete with red flags, including a dearth of information about the company.

The attorney you will speak with after contacting the number listed in those fraudulent emails from Trademark Sapling is also a con artist pretending to be a lawyer to defraud you of your money.

Additionally, users should be aware of these warning signs when accessing any websites and if they receive any unwanted calls or emails requesting money or personal information.

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