Text Messages: Legit or Scam? scam

A new phishing scheme has been making the rounds in the market, pretending to be the US Postal Service and sending phony emails and texts to US residents.

This post aims to examine phishing emails and texts, providing guidance on spotting them and what to do in the event you encounter one.

What is the USPS?

The USPS, commonly referred to as the United States Postal Service or the Post Service, is an autonomous US government organization that offers mail processing and delivery services to citizens and companies in the country. is the official website of the US Postal Service, and it was registered in 1997.

There has been a recent increase in the number of people receiving texts and emails purporting to be from the USPS. The messages stated that there was a problem with the delivery of your parcel and that it needed to be fixed on their website. Text message

Moreover, links to “” are also included in the emails. When you click on a link, a website that resembles the website of the United States Postal Service will load and ask for personal data.

Messages that link to include the following examples:

USPS: Your package has been delayed due to an issue with your shipping address. Please update your information here:

USPS Alert: We were unable to deliver your package. Please click here to resolve this issue:

USPS: Additional shipping fee of $2.99 is required to complete delivery by Monday. Pay now:

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We must inform our readers that is a fraudulent website run by con artists; it is not the official website of the USPS. The United States Postal Service’s official website has been mentioned earlier.

They are luring people into their illegal trap by using the identity of a major government institution. Also, we must warn our readers that the government never requests this much data, as these con artists are merely requesting information over a minor parcel delivery issue.

The main goal of the con artists is to obtain your personal information by pretending to be a government body. They can steal large sums of money from you and utilize that information to steal more in the future if they have access to your personal and financial information.

As a result, we caution our readers to immediately delete any texts or emails that contain a link to the “” domain in order to safeguard themselves against con artists attempting to steal their money.

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