Wearefabric.io Review: Legit or Another Scam?

wearefabric.io review

There is a website named Wearefabric.io (We Are Fabric) that has entered created buzz because of its claims of bridging the data-sharing gap between brands and consumers.

In this post, we will review this platform and suggest whether you should join it or not.

What is We Are Fabric?

We Are Fabric is an app that incentivizes consumers to purchase their debit cards and use other services.

We are Fabric

The chairman of this company is Paul Taylor but he hasn’t revealed his identity yet.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website is 840k+ and its domain was last updated on April 2023.

Known asWe Are Fabric, Fabric Pay, Fabric Foundation
Site TypeDigital Marketplace
Services OfferedDebit card
Domain Registering Date8 March 2018
Contact E-mail[email protected].
Address Unknown

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We Are Fabric Review

After researching this app’s review online, claims, and business model, we found several red flags which led to the conclusion that it is a possible scam.

  • Operators concealing their identity
  • No information about its headquarters or location of operation
  • No authentic or genuine support system
We are fabric review
  • Bunch of negative reviews available on the internet.
  • Confusing business model and approach.

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Who is the chairman of the We Are Fabric?

Paul Taylor is the chairman of the We Are Fabric. However, he hasn’t revealed his identity or face yet.

From where We Are Fabric is operating?

There is no information available about its headquarters as well.

Is We Are Fabric Legit?

No, We Are Fabric doesn’t look like an authentic app after looking at its business model’s red flags and the negative response it got from consumers on the internet.

Should I Join We Are Fabric?

No, you shouldn’t buy a debit card from We Are Fabric since many customers’ review claim that they received the debit card but not the bonus. A debit card that is authorized or controlled by the government is far more reliable than that.

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