WeWe Global Collapse! How to Withdraw Funds?

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WeWe Global News Today: We have warned users many times to stay away from non-regulated Ponzi schemes.

One such suspected scheme, WeWe Global has collapsed. WeWe disabled the withdrawal on 11 August 2023.

In this post, we will provide updates regarding the collapse of WeWe Global and offer guidance to those affected by the recent WeWe Global withdrawal issues.

WeWe Global Collapse

The WeWe Global collapse began with the announcement of “extraordinary maintenance” on August 11th, which prevented investors from making withdrawals. While the initial hope was that this was a short-lived hiccup, further developments emerged, revealing a more ominous situation.

On the 19th of August, investors were informed that there would be no activity on the platform until September 4th, when a “new, improved platform” was slated to go live.

During this time, investors were left in a state of uncertainty, unable to access their funds or even ascertain the true nature of the maintenance.

WeWe Global Collapse

Adding to the confusion, WeWe Global disabled the ability for affiliate investors to cash out their LFI (internal Ponzi points) for Bitcoin (BTC). Instead, they were restricted to converting LFI to WEWE-C, with reinvestment as the only option.

With the withdrawal suspension extended until September 15th, speculation about WeWe Global’s future abounds. Given the pattern of events, it is possible that the platform will undergo a reboot with restrictions on withdrawals.

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WeWe Global Withdrawal Issue

As WeWe Global’s scheme crumbled, getting back the money they promised has become really hard.

WeWe Global Collapse

Even though the website looks working, folks have been struggling to take out their money since August 11th.

The fact that you can put money in but can’t take any out strongly shows that the whole scam has fallen apart.

If you’ve been tricked by WishM or a similar scheme and lost money, it’s a good thought to consider filing a formal complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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