Is YouTube Digital Residuals Program Legit?

Digital Residuals Program scam

A new scam has been constantly promoted through YouTube ads in which the users are promised to earn easy money just by watching videos on YouTube through their “Digital Residuals” Program.

In this post, we are going to scrutinize this YouTube Digital Residuals scam and let you know more about it in brief.

What is the YouTube Digital Residuals Program?

A famous influencer known as Lucas Lee Tyson is the person behind the promotion of this fraudulent Digital Residuals program created by scammers just to deceive people.

Lucas Lee Tyson is popping up in YouTube ads promoting this false program. Lucas is seen stating in those pop-up ads how he became a multimillionaire at the age of 24 through different ways of income online.

Lucas Lee Tyson

In those ads, Lucas Lee Tyson is saying that YouTube is paying its users just to watch the videos on their platform through their Digital Residuals program. To know more and how to access the program, the users are required to sign up for his course.

In his Course, Lucas Lee Tyson teaches people about how to maximize their earnings through various methods on the internet and he will also teach in his course about how to earn money through the Digital Residuals program by YouTube.

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Is it Legit?

Speaking of Digital Residuals, it is an entirely fictional program and no such thing is offered by YouTube. Lucas Lee Tyson is using this fictional program just to make people sign up for his course which also seems to be untrustworthy.

Our readers are advised to always seek for official channels of any big brand to get information about any of their programs. Any information about a money-making program from any unofficial source should always be subject of skepticism.

Often there have been instances previously where scammers’ main target is the people who are always seeking easy ways to make money online. Therefore, it becomes crucial to not fall for these easy money-making schemes or programs.

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  1. Are there any real ways to watch videos and make money from YouTube or is that just the dream of a disabled man who happens to watch a lot of YouTube videos due to having nothing else to do unfortunately.

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