$1400 American Health Stimulus Check Scam Exposed!

$1400 american health stimulus scam

A recent fraud called the $1400 American Health Stimulus Check Scam has received widespread online promotion through ads and videos. These endorsing the goal of con artists may be seen on social media platforms.

We’ll examine this scam in-depth and provide advice on how to protect yourself from it in this post.

$1400 American Health Stimulus Check Scam

Recently, there have been many online videos and advertisements claiming that the government is giving its citizens stimulus cheques to help with their finances. Most of the time, the stimulus checks are for $1400.

$1400 american health stimulus

Deepfake AI videos of politicians and celebrities endorsing the $1400 American Health Stimulus Check may be found in these ads. We must, however, caution our readers that it is wholly untrue.

There isn’t a government-funded $1400 American Health Stimulus Check, at least not for the masses. During the COVID-19 era, there were stimulus checks available, but relatively few people got them.

Scammers in some of the videos alter the amount of Stimulus Checks to $1200, $1500, or higher in an attempt to attract more viewers and clicks. con artists occasionally refer to this fraud as a “Medical Subsidy” or “Biden Bucks Simlus.”

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How Does This Scam Work?

First, using artificial intelligence, scammers produce false videos that look like official government announcements. Scammers use AI to produce deepfake videos of celebrities and politicians announcing stimulus checks.

Subsequently, con artists spread those fictitious videos through social media ads, including sponsored posts on Instagram, YouTube videos, and TikTok videos. Internet users tend to believe politicians and celebrities since they are well-known people in society.

Viewers of those fraudulent video ads who are persuaded that the $1400 American Health Stimulus Check is real adhere to the instructions on the advertising, which instruct them to click on links or call numbers listed in the advertisements.

Users are taken to a website where they are requested to provide private information to obtain the $1400 American Health Stimulus Check if they click on the link contained in those fraudulent ads.

Scammers pose as representatives of the $1400 American Health Stimulus Check fraud and ask the same questions when they call on those phone lines mentioned in ads.

Scammers request sensitive information from people via phone calls or phony government websites, including complete name, residential address, social security number, credit card details, and bank account information.

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What To Do?

Scammers can repeatedly take large sums of money from your account by using this sensitive information. Additionally, con artists may want direct access to your account to deposit the $1400 American Health Stimulus Check.

As a result, we urge you to disregard any social media advertisements that promise quick and cheap money from the government without doing any action.

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