Vilocity Global Review: Legit or Another Scam?

Vilocity Global Review

A number of unfavourable characteristics of Vilocity Global, an online travel service, have raised concerns among the general public.

In this post, we are going to review Vilocity Global and let you know if it is legitimate or not.

What is Vilocity Global?

Vilocity Global describes itself as a marketing and travel company. Nonetheless, it primarily uses AI and cryptocurrencies to run its business and deliver its primary services. To members who invest in its compensation plan, it offers travel vacations.

Vilocity Global

Jimmy Ezell is the CEO of Vilocity Global and there is no exact information available about its headquarters address.

Vilocity Global founder

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website as of March 2024 are 28K+ wit the top countries reaching Canada (41%), United Kingdom (38%), and United States (8.3%).

Moreover, its domain was last updated in November 2023, as per WHOIS.

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Organization Profile
Known asVilocity Global
Services offeredTours and Travels
Domain registration date10 November 2023
AddressNot known
Contact email[email protected]

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Vilocity Global Review

After investigating the claims of Vilocity Global regarding its business and its business model, we found several red flags in it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Operators involved in previously collapsed MLM schemes
  • Potential Ponzi scheme
  • Not registered with SEC
  • Unrealistic returns on compensation plans
  • Possible engagement in securities fraud
  • Newly registered business

Vilocity Global’s business model and extremely unclear compensation plan raise red flags. Because of the way it operates, there’s a chance that it will eventually collapse like a Ponzi scheme and rob its members of their hard-earned money.

It also appears that Vilocity Global is involved in securities fraud, which might be dangerous for its participants, given that it is not registered with the SEC or any other regulatory body and that it is also seeking investments from the general public.

When it is revealed that its operators were also involved in MLM scams that failed in the past, the level of anxiety grows.

Our assessment of Vilocity Global is that, while it appears to be a recently founded, legitimate company that may offer its members respectable profits and services, its future will reveal a great deal about its credibility.

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Who is the operator of Vilocity Global?

Jimmy Ezell is the operator of Vilocity Global.

From where Vilocity Global is operating?

There is no information available about the location of operation of Vilocity Global.

Is Vilocity Global legit?

Currently, Vilocity Global appears to be legitimate but its future will tell a lot about its legitimacy.

Can I use the services of Vilocity Global?

Yes, you can use the services of Vilocity Global but at your own risk.

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