SunPass Unpaid Tolls Text Scam Exposed!

SunPass scam text messages

A fresh online phishing scam has emerged, tricking customers by pretending to be SunPass tolls. The con artists are using SMS texts to spread this scam widely.

As a result, we will examine this scam in-depth in this post and teach you how to spot it.

SunPass Tolls Scam Text Messages

People have recently begun to get texts purporting to be from SunPass informing them that the service has discovered unpaid toll fines from driving on the Florida Turnpike on their account.


The text also adds the unpaid amount the user has to pay to avoid unfavorable effects in the future. The text makes the menacing threat that they will be assessed an excessively high extra fine if the unpaid sum is not paid right away.

There is a link in the text to pay the unpaid toll fees, which takes customers to a website that appears to be an official SunPass business but is not. Scammers have imitated the website by utilizing SunPass names and logos.

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How Does This Scam Work?

When you click on the link provided in text messages to settle unpaid toll fees, you are taken to a website that is essentially a copy of SunPass’s actual website in terms of both interface and style. This is how con artists pretend to be real.

SunPass Text scam

You must fill out some important information on that website and pay the needed amount using the payment method specified on the fraudulent SunPass website to pay the toll fees.

The user’s complete name, home address, phone number, email address, payment card information, CVV, and bank account information are the most important details that the fraudulent website requests.

Scammers can commit identity theft and repeatedly take large sums of money from your account using this information. Additionally, con artists disconnect you from the network as soon as you pay the unpaid toll costs, leaving you with nothing.

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How to Detect This Scam?

The SunPass scam SMS messages can be identified by certain warning signs. First of all, those SMS messages never really explain anything—all that is said is the amount and a link to dubious SunPass websites.

As a result, scam SMS messages frequently contain grammatical errors in addition to a lack of context. Professional associations don’t make these kinds of errors.

It should be noted that SunPass’s official website is If a link in a text message concerning unpaid tolls from SunPass takes you to any other website, it is likely a scam text.

To verify if there are any unpaid or incorrect charges, you can also log into your SunPass account at

Therefore, do not hesitate to delete and disregard any text messages from SunPass that raise red flags, and do not click on any of the links therein.

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