AETOS Withdrawal Issue: Legit Broker or Scam?

AETOS Forex Broker Review

Many users of AETOS Markets Broker are dissatisfied with their inability to withdraw money from the company’s website. Concerns and questions about this matter are always being raised.

So, we’ll explain what AETOS is and whether or not it’s operating legally in this post.

What is AETOS?

AETOS Group is a one-stop worldwide investment services broker for individual and institutional customers that was established in Australia in 2007.

Leo Cui is the Managing Director of the AETOS Group. It is a global investment ecosystem designed with cutting-edge financial technology that focuses on fair, effective, and intelligent services that enable investors to trade online at various levels.


The variety of trading instruments that AETOS provides its clients with includes forex, precious metals, indices, commodities, and equities. AETOS is known as the “most trusted FOREX broker in Asia” and has won numerous awards on a global scale.

aetos founder

Despite all of this history and reputation, AETOS consumers continue to criticize the company and level various accusations against them. The internet is inundated with AETOS complaints. We provide you with a general summary of the complaints that users have been filing as a result.

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AESTOS Withdrawal Issues

The main problem with all the complaints was that the users were unable to withdraw their money.

Some users claimed they could only withdraw smaller amounts and not larger ones, while others claimed they were completely unable to do so. Some claimed that IB entered and diluted all of the users’ accounts, while others categorically labeled AETOS as a hoax.


We are unable to render a verdict on AETOS due to its positive track record and the presence of green flags in the industry; also, more people have given it positive reviews than negative ones.

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Although we cannot predict judgment about the AETOS Group, we can highlight some of the positives and negatives of the company.

Take a look at the below table in order to get an insight about the AETOS Forex Broker.

1. Old registered domain1. Negative Reviews
2. Founder Upfront in the market2. Users unable to withdraw money
3. Highly acclaimed services
4. Regulated and authorized business

As you can see, there are significantly fewer negatives than positives for the company, indicating that it is also running a genuine business.

Our final observation on the excessive volume of user complaints about AETOS is that there may be a malfunction in their operations causing the problems you are experiencing.

Given that the majority of the complaints date back quite some time, we assume that AETOS has already addressed them. If not, you should keep in touch with their customer service team and wait patiently for a response or a full resolution to your problem.

Also, avoid further deposits in case of pending withdrawals and take steps at your own risk.

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