Alliance In Motion Review: Legit or Another Scam?

alliance in motion review

Alliance In Motion has frequently changed its brand to attract new customers in certain regions of the world.

In this post, we’ll review Alliance In Motion company and let you know whether it’s legitimate or just another scam that has been going on for years.

What is Alliance In Motion?

Alliance In Motion is a direct-selling company that offers daily uses and lifestyle products.

Alliance In Motion

Dr Eduardo Cabantog is the CEO of the company and its headquarters is located in Pasig City, Philippines.

AIM senior executives

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on their website is 25k+ and the domain was last updated on October 2022.

Alliance In Motion also offers an affiliate program and retail commission on promoting its product.

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Alliance In Motion Review

Our investigation of this company’s past and business strategy revealed some unsettling aspects. Let’s take a closer look.

Sneak-Oil Products

It’s not a new thing for MLM companies to promote and sell snake-oil products through distributors.

Alliance in Motion primarily sells health and nutrition products. They have made various bold claims with the product. benefits but failed to provide research documents.

Alliance in motion products

Alliance in Motion has fat burn coffee, tablets, and shakes in the product list and we all know how effective such “fat-burning products” are.

Alliance In Motion sell these products in packages to obtain large amount from distributors and customers.

Collapsed in Most Countries

AIM has reportedly already collapsed in its country of origin and some other nations as well, except India. According to sources, AIM’s flourishing in India is due in part to the fact that they have just hired a sizable number of new employees.

They have not disclosed any details on their website about the operation in India, but promoting themselves in offline modes.

Nevertheless, as usual, whenever this company will collapse, the participants will lose the majority of their money and that’s why it should not be promoted anywhere.

Poorly Designed Website

Being an international MLM company, Alliance in Motion failed to build a proper public website.

AIM undeveloped website

Its social media page links are incorrect, the website loads too slowly, and overall bad UI. Morever, their other website does not loads.

Pyramid Scheme Concept

Alliance in Motion is nothing more than a product-based pyramid scheme. It is selling useless products at high rates and rotating the same money amount customers and distributors.


While Alliance in Motion makes high profit as they lie on the top of pyramids.

In such pyramid schemes, 95% of distributors never make profits and only top promotes earn significantly high amounts.

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Should I invest in Alliance In Motion?

No, we don’t recommend Alliance in Motion and similar MLM companies.

First of all, their products are not worth and distributors have to make blatant claims to promote these products to earn commissions. But MLM as a system allows only the top few percent to make the most profit.

Even after years of selling these products, distributors struggle to earn well from such MLM companies.

So take your decision wisely and don’t get lured with false motivation.

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