NVisionU Review: Legit or Another Scam?

nvisionu review

NVisionU claims to be a health and wealth company that offers nutrition, fitness, skincare, and beauty products. NVisionU has made various bold claims related to its product and income opportunity.

In this post, we will review NVisionU and figure out all the corners. Also, we will answer the question, Should I Join NVisionU or not?

What is NVisionU?

The company was founded by David Imonite in late 2022.

NVisionU offers educational and health products. Moreover, the company has arranged a wide range of training programs and nutritional sprays. The company claims to have different ways to earn money that includes a lucrative commission structure.


NvisionU has come up with a training that includes AirBnB, Turo, The Metaverse, and more. This training is made available for people who wish to start or grow their businesses.

The founder David Imonite stated that Nvisionu will stay updated with the latest technique and information in business and marketing ethics.

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Nvisionu Products

NVisionU divided its products into 3 main categories.

  1. Health: It consists of various supplement products such as vitamin spray.
  2. Wealth: NVisionU offers various online courses such as financial literacy, metaverse, Tura, Airbnb, and digital marketing.
  3. Accessories: It includes marketing material such as brochures, other kits, and labeled water bottles.

Since its launch in October 2022, NVisionU has generated more than $12 million in revenue in its first ninety days and gained nearly 30,000 members. Nigeria is the first country to officially launch NvisionU products outside the United States and generated over $20 million in 2023.


Customers can buy products from countries like Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, and more.

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NVisionu Review

Hope, the above information to helped you understand the business model of Nvisionu.

Nvisionu is a network marketing company that emphasizes more on recruiting new distributors to earn higher profits. Here are some major points to consider about this company.

The founder of Nvisionu David Imonite, has associated with IM Academy (earlier known as iMarketsLive) which was fined by CFTC for commodities fraud in 2018.

David Imonite copied similar kinds of products for Nvisionu as well which are extremely overpriced for the health and wealth area. These products are not worth the price they are sold.


IM Mastry Academy is a money-circulation fraud pretending to be a products-based MLM and a similar trait can be found with Nvisionu.

Instead of retail sales and profit, Nvisionu incentivized its distributors for new recruitments. As their products are extremely overpriced, we suspect it is a money-rotation scheme only.

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Should I Join NVisionu?

This decision should be personal and based on the best knowledge and not under someone’s influence. Primarily, its products are overpriced and not worth it, hence it’s difficult for distributors to promote such profit.

As MLM has a very low success rate and 90% of distributors never make any profit, we don’t recommend similar kinds of MLM companies.

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4 thoughts on “NVisionU Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. Corrinna Massey

    Yes … they are a scam. I ordered the product and paid for it. Now I am told I ordered “virtual product”. What is that? I order the sprays – product sprays to be exact. Watch out … they will get you with their pyramid scheme.

    1. Hello Corrinna,
      I just ordered my products 2 weeks ago and got them friday. Of course I’m new to the company. Can you tell me more? Who did you sign up with? I can’t afford a scam.

    2. I ordered products and received them physically. The products are nice. I am satisfied. Not sure where you placed your order but you can use the same link that I used. It’s totally legit lol.

  2. Richard Bennett

    Sellers: Richard Bennett (son), Tanya Renee Burnette (mom to Richard), and Tyler Cottingham (girlfriend to Richard) are known Scammers! They have been associated with every MLM that you can think of. In addition to scamming via MLM, Richard is an extreme womanizer who steals from the many women he dates. I guess I should mention he’s married to Jenny Bennett unsure of her involvement in the scamming. In 10+ years of research, I’ve found 50+ people that they have stolen from. Lookup Richway Coaching before you sign over your hard earned money and dreams to these people. Anything that these losers associate themselves with is a scam. You have been WARNED!

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