Amazon Gift Card Email: Legit or Scam?

amazon gift card scam

Several Amazon customers recently received a string of emails informing them that they had received a gift card from Amazon that they hadn’t bought.

This post will examine all of these emails in detail and inform you whether they are genuine or phishing scams.

What is the Amazon Gift Card Scam?

Amazon Gift Cards are prepaid Vouchers with Instant Discounts and Can be easily converted into Amazon Pay balance to shop over a variety of brands and Products.

Speaking of the series of e-mails that Amazon users have received about the gift cards that they didn’t purchase, those were redeemable to Google Play, Mastercard,, and other brands.

The e-mail from Amazon goes like, “Subject – Important information about gift card order” and had an email address of [email protected].

“Thank you for purchasing gift cards from,” reads the email sent to Amazon customers.

“We would like our customers to be aware of some important information relating to the purchase of gift cards.”

Overall, all the emails have that design and include a warning about avoiding con artists who exploit the Amazon name to trick consumers.

Consequently, customers who received these emails had various queries, which forced Amazon’s customer service department to deal with a flood of inquiries from clients who had received perplexing emails.

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Amazon Gift Card E-mails Review

As phishing and scam emails have become more prevalent and have been used to deceive many people in the past, it is crucial to determine whether these emails are legitimate to avoid falling victim to fraud.

As the email used [email protected] actually belongs to, it made many demented.

On our investigation, we discovered that these emails were inadvertently issued by the real Amazon brand; an Amazon spokesperson verified that this was the result of a system error.

We are emailing these consumers to let them know about the incident and apologize for the inconvenience, the spokeswoman continued. Customers who get these emails should thus not be concerned; Amazon will resolve the issue quickly.

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Is Amazon Gift Cards real?

Yes, Amazon Gift Cards are real and contain lots of benefits

Are these e-mails coming from the Genuine Amazon company?

Yes, these e-mails are coming from the legit Amazon brand but mistakenly.

What is the real e-mail address of Amazon company?

[email protected] is the e-mail address that Amazon uses to share details about the gift cards.

What should I do if I get an e-mail regarding gift cards?

Amazon has advised us not to take any further steps about these e-mails as they will sort out this matter soon.

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