Ant Ranch Collapsed: How to get Refund?

ant ranch collapsed

Ant Ranch Latest News Today: In the past, we have warned our users about many Ponzi scheme frauds and how they might fail and cost you a lot of money. Another “click a button” web fraud, Ant Ranch has only recently collapsed.

This essay will provide you with an overview if you have an Ant Ranch investment and are unsure about what to do now that it has collapsed.

Ant Ranch Collapsed!

Recently, the Ant Ranch was trying to close the firm completely by attracting new investors with the promise of a 10% discount on their app. Following that, they turned off their app and sent a message to their users. The text read as follows:

Due to the huge number of Ant Ranch users. We want to ensure the safety of the funds of every Ant Ranch user.

Our Ant Ranch technical department needs to handle every detail more carefully. So, it takes longer. So, please be patient. Once completed, we will notify you.

It was obvious that they were using a technical problem that would take longer to fix as a cover for their exit. After that, it appears that they changed their response and issued a different message because they believed that the previous one would appear suspicious to users, the other message goes like this:

Dear Rancher

Since IOS system compatibility takes time, the system upgrade of Ant Ranch is expected to be completed before 10:00 a.m. South Africa time tomorrow.

If you did not click β€œFeed” the animal rancher today due to a system upgrade, after the maintenance upgrade is completed tomorrow, contact me to compensate you for one day’s income.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you!

Overall, this message advises customers to exercise patience while a system upgrade occurs without prior notice. It also includes an apology for the inconvenience. Investors should have suspicions after reading this message, which appears to be exceedingly amateurish and like a joke.

However, the story is far from over. On social media, Ant Ranch is once more offering even greater discounts than previously to entice additional investors. Therefore, it’s likely that this isn’t a full exit and they’ll come back for additional money from investors.

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How to get Refunds?

Even though Ant Ranch has assured investors that their money is secure and that after the system upgrade is complete, they will resume company activities, it is extremely improbable that this will occur.

They recently advertised their digital ranching services with claims of improbable profits, and now they are trying to cover their tracks by claiming that a system upgrade was unforeseen. Anyone should be able to see that this is just a ruse to hide the escape.

You can make a complaint with the appropriate government agency in your country that regulates this type of company activity if you invested in Ant Ranch digital ranching services and you have concerns that your money was lost. In your complaint, please include details regarding Ant Ranch.

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65 thoughts on “Ant Ranch Collapsed: How to get Refund?”

      1. I’m crying 😭😭 that’s all I feeded animals and converted points, to receive that R50% of money,plus R10 000 on bondfund.

      1. Believe u me.. I myself can’t believe how dumb and stupid I was to fall for this stupid scam… These people who scammed us got away with millions if not billions from what I’m hearing…. I pray there’s a God hearing our cried and will somehow answer our prayersπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

        1. Shuaibu Abdulkareem Alaibi

          I was also been scammed by Catly io prozen scheme project with about some of$150 dollars.Since August 19/08/2023/till today nothing has comes up as news for investors whose their money in the hands of wicked individuals?

    1. I was also scammed and would love to get back my hard earned savings of R24000 as well but it seems to be impossible no matter what we try and do

    2. OH MY WORD 🀬🀬🀬
      Me and my husband put in
      R27 000 and R7 199 is what we got back, there was still supposed to be a meeting at 19:00 in the evening of 10/10/2029, Andrew Russouw (hidden name) was dead silent on whatsapp all day in groups and privately. WE are looking for our money back and for the ponzi thieves to be caught.

  1. We were also trapped in the illusion that was created though, and used our last to try and sustain during months, now, all just gone, so one must make a plan to survive till month end…

  2. Hi I am 59 years old and saw ant ranch as a way of making my life easier I got scammed lost plenty and now struggling to survive
    To those who do this to people remember I may struggle today….. tomorrow it’s gona be you

  3. Khayizeni Thomas Chauke

    I was scammed of my last money through Antranch R12500-00 please help return back the money I worked so hard to earn it.

  4. I lost 10000 through Antranch. A loan made to start a business, At the last minute it all disappeared. I want my money back 😭.

  5. I also lost my money…I try to earn extra …why are people being so cruel in stealing our money…Karma will come for antranch

  6. AntRanch was a well planned scam. Thousands of people has lost a lot of money, me included. Unfortunately nobody is going to refund our money. Sometimes we are making the wrong decisions and then suffer the results. Fortunately God is on our side and these scammers have to face a Higher Power now. Rather them than me. You do not mess with the children of God. We will survive. God will make a way, where we think that there is no way. Just keep on praying and believe!!!!!!

  7. They took from the very poor and will not get away with that.
    The Capitac account where i deposit every time is as follows :
    Acc : 1685259543
    Ref : Antranch
    I hope someone can track them down.

  8. I lost 16500 to ANT-RANCH scheme, please assist if there’s a way…
    We trusted the site and now we scammed…😭

  9. I was scammed of R16 000 please i need my money back
    I took a risk and borrowed from loan sharks I fear for my family life now

  10. Dimakatso Magatikele

    I was scammed by Antranch. I sold my car to invest I want my 65k back. And my subordinate/ referrals friends and families also lost their money through Antranch.

  11. I lost R14000 by this scammers they looked real but fled with all the money I got R2400 back on my investment it really doesn’t make your life easier

  12. I bought or invested R2500 buying Ostrich and R600 for sheep, i can see people lost more than what i invested.
    Hope and trust that it will reach the right people because many lives had been crashed by antranch

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