Barbour Sample Sale Scam Exposed!

Barbour Sample Sale Scam

A fresh fraud has been operating under the name of the venerable and well-known premium English lifestyle brand Barbour on several phony websites.

In this post, we’ll explain this scam and teach you how to protect yourself from phony websites made under Barbour’s name.

What is Barbour Sample Sale Scam?

Recently, a small number of counterfeit websites bearing the name and logo of the well-known lifestyle brand Barbour have surfaced online. It is stated on several websites that Barbour is having a sample sale.

Barbour Sample Sale scam website

The websites that were made under the moniker Barbour offering Sample Sale are selling lifestyle items for extremely low prices. Through social media advertisements and emails, these websites are actively marketed.

Based on our investigation, such websites posing as Barbour and providing sample sales are bogus, set up by con artists to steal people’s money and personal information by capitalizing on the genuine Barbour brand’s fame.

Because of the extremely low prices on those websites, when you place an order and pay, you never receive anything at all. You expose your data to scammers when you enter your financial information on those websites to make a payment.

Websites providing sample sales are not affiliated with the actual Barbour company, and the con artists operating them use Barbour’s name, logo, and product photos, which is against the law.

Through the acquisition of your financial and personal information, con artists can commit identity theft and regularly steal large sums of money from your account. Finding the phony website domains made in Barbour’s name is also crucial.

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How To Spot?

Many red signs, such as grammatical errors, a lack of information, and a recently registered domain, are present on scam websites. These might only partially assist you in identifying the fake websites made under Barbour’s name. is the official website of Barbour, and it is the website you should use to place orders for Barbour merchandise.

However, if you want to protect your financial information and money, there are a few domains that we also discovered that you should avoid:


Additionally, you can use this link to determine whether a domain you locate bearing the name Barbour is associated with the actual Barbour company or not. You can use this URL to report those fake websites.


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