Lucy and Yak Sale Scam Exposed!

Lucy and yak sale scam

Through social media advertisements, a new hoax has been making the rounds among the general public online. The con artists are fooling customers by pretending to be Lucy and Yak, a well-known British fashion brand.

As a result, we will examine this fraud in this post and teach you how to recognize it and protect yourself from it.

What is Lucy and Yak Scam?

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with advertisements lately claiming that the clothing lines Lucy and Yak are having huge sales with extremely low prices.

Then, to purchase inexpensive fashion items from Lucy and Yak, internet visitors are instructed to click on a link provided in those social media advertisements. Users are redirected to a website that mimics Lucy and Yak’s official website when they click on those links.

Lucy and Yak official website

To make their fake website appear authentic, scammers use Lucy and Yak’s legitimate names, logos, and product photos. Instead of working from a single website, scammers have registered numerous domains under Lucy and Yak’s names.

Customers are drawn in by the extremely low costs of the products on those websites and fall victim to scammers. They provide scammers access to their financial data when they place orders on those fake websites and make payments.

Users who successfully pay for things and enter their credit card or debit card numbers do not receive any merchandise, and scammers can fulfill their goal of obtaining sensitive public information and money.

They may even be able to steal your money again in the future using your bank information. As a result, it becomes crucial to recognize the frauds perpetrated in Lucy and Yak’s names.

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How to Spot?

There are several ways you can spot if the websites those Social Media ads promote belong to Lucy and Yak or not. First, there is always a lack of information on the “about us” page of fraud domains and the fraud websites contain grammatical errors as well.

Moreover, we have also filtered a few domains that are scamming people in the name of Lucy and Yak. You should always keep your distance from these domains:


Furthermore, it’s important to look into those social media advertisements as well, as con artists occasionally use names that sound similar, like “Lucy and Sale” and “Lucy and Live,” in place of explicitly mentioning the Lucy and Yak brand.

Finally, we advise you to avoid visiting any other websites that have such warning signs and to only browse and purchase goods from Lucy and Yak’s official website,

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