Big Lots Discount Store Legit or Another Scam?

Scammers become more active during the festival season because people tend to buy more or spend more than usual at this time and are always searching for deals.

As a result, a new fraud known as the “Big Lots Discount” has become widely known in the market. It uses inflated discounts to trick customers into falling for its trap. We’ll explain how to spot these types of fraud over the holiday season in this post.

What is Big Lots?

Founded in 1967, Big Lots is an American network of discount stores. Discount retailing, which encompasses merchandising categories like furniture, food, consumables, soft home, electronics, toys, and accessories, is how it operates.

The company’s main office is in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States.

Scammers have been promoting a few domains on Facebook ads lately that are similar to the Big Lots original website. Additionally, the con artists are proposing wildly inflated product discounts on such advertisements.

Big Lots ads

Keep in mind that is the domain name of the official Big Lots website. Anything not listed here is not acceptable.

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Big Lots Fake Domains Review

To con as many individuals as possible, the scammers operate from multiple domains. Purchasing goods from Big Lots’ phony websites may have extremely detrimental effects, such as obtaining fake goods or no merchandise at all.

A few instances of fictitious domains used by con artists are:


Furthermore, providing your bank account information or credit card details while placing an order for goods from phony Big Lots websites may result in excessive financial losses for you, as con artists may use this information to withdraw funds from your account.

When placing an order for Big Lots merchandise, make sure to use the official Big Lots website,, and stay away from ordering from any other domains or the previously stated domains.

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Is Big Lots Legit?

Yes, Big Lots is a totally legitimate business.

Who is the operator of Big Lots?

Bruce K. Thorn is the CEO of Big Lots.

From where Big Lots is operating?

Big Lots is operating from the United States.

Can we use the services of Big Lots?

Yes, using the services of the official Big Lots website carries no risks, but you should avoid visiting phony websites purporting to be Big Lots.

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