ITP Corp Collapsed! Withdrawal Disabled

itp corp shut down

We have already alerted our users to the possibility that the Ponzi scheme ITP Corp could collapse at any time. The indication was also sent when Google and Apple removed the ITP Corp app from their respective Play and App stores.

Consequently, based on their recent behavior, it seems that ITP Corp has collapsed and that the operators are fabricating entirely false justifications.

This post will discuss and provide a quick overview of ITP Corp.’s current business operations actions.

ITP Corp Collapsed!

An online platform called ITP Corp states it was established in 2013, offers an affiliate program to its users, and says it leverages cryptocurrencies to maximize user investments.

Intelligent Technology Pioneer Corporation is another name for it.

ITP Corp

A few days ago, in November 2023, Apple and Google, respectively, removed the ITP Corp application from their Play and App stores. While Apple immediately removed its application, ITP Corp persisted in trying to resurrect it on the Play Store by presenting fake updates.

It was clear that Google and Apple were working to protect their users from Ponzi scheme apps that had registered themselves by giving fake information. Following the termination of its app, ITP Corp misled its users by claiming that it was updating and doing maintenance.

Following all of these incidents, it became clear that ITP Corp’s collapse was imminent and would occur in the next few days. Furthermore, it appears that ITP Corp’s collapse has begun with the recent halt in their withdrawals, which occurred five days ago.

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ITP Corp Disabled Withdrawals

On November 20, 2023, ITP Corp stopped permitting withdrawals and did not provide users with an official explanation. A short while later, they released a fresh statement titled “Thanksgiving bonus details,” which served to disguise the withdrawal freeze.

Additionally, although they justified disabling withdrawals, they later modified it twice. First, they felt that competitors were illegally attacking their firm online, so they provided their consumers a 72-hour deadline to open withdrawals and also promised their users $100,000.  

ITP Corp excuse

As expected, the deadline was fictitious, no user received any payment. Following that fraudulent deadline and pledge, ITP Corp announced that there is be a delay in operations due to the national holiday, Thanksgiving.

After considering all of these justifications, it was clear that the operators were lying, and their ITP Corp had collapsed. This was intended to occur and was also something we had anticipated.

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