Cadbury Easter Egg WhatsApp Scam Exposed!

Cadbury easter egg text scam

With the name of the well-known chocolate company Cadbury, a new scam has been making the rounds on WhatsApp, where people are tricked into falling victim to con artists’ promises of a gift.

Cadbury official website

As a result, we will examine this fraud operating under the name Cadbury in this post and advise you on how to be safe and aware of it.

Cadbury Easter Egg Chocolate Basket Scam?

Recently, individuals have been receiving messages on WhatsApp purporting to be from Cadbury, informing them that they are eligible for a free Easter chocolate basket hamper from the company.

The text further states that to obtain the complimentary Cadbury chocolate basket, recipients must click on a link in the message. Users who click on the link are redirected to a website that looks similar to Cadbury but isn’t.

Cadbury Easter Egg Scam

Users must provide their financial and personal details on that website to receive a complimentary Easter basket from Cadbury. That information is highly important because scammers can easily take your money with it.

Thus, according to what we’ve investigated, all those WhatsApp messages are fake, spread by con artists under the guise of a free chocolate basket, and have nothing to do with the real Cadbury.

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How to Spot?

Before anything else, you should be informed that Cadbury is not providing free Easter basket hampers to anyone. Through its social media accounts, Cadbury has provided additional clarification on this.

Cadbury issues warning

Therefore, any kind of messages claiming to be from Cadbury offering free hampers should be ignored.

But, since these red flags are present in practically all texts or emails that scammers distribute, you should also educate yourself to spot scam messages of any kind using a few key indicators.

The first telltale sign is that, since the scam communications aren’t from reputable companies, they frequently contain grammatical problems.

Next, since scammers frequently utilize an unprofessional tone, you should always be on the lookout for the tone of messages.

Finally, we advise against clicking on any of the links in the scam text messages on the Cadbury Easter Egg hoax, since they may include malware that could damage your device.

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