CareerBuilder Job Offer Text Scam Exposed!

CareerBuilder text scam

Using the name of CareerBuilder, an employment website that has been in business for decades, a new fraud has started making the rounds among job searchers via text messages. Scammers make use of CareerBuilder’s reputation to trick others.

This post will examine the CareerBuilder text scam and provide advice on how to protect yourself from it.

What is CareerBuilder Text Scam?

Recently, job seekers who use job websites have begun to get particular kinds of text messages posing as CareerBuilder and offering them positions at high-paying firms.

CareerBuilder Official website

There is very little information about the position, including the role and the organization, in the job offers found in the CareerBuilder text. The only information in the text is a name and a query about job seekers’ interest in the given position.

CareerBuilder Scam Text

Using fictitious names and the reputation or trust that job searchers have in CareerBuilder, these texts are the work of scammers. Scammers are preying on job seekers’ sensitive information and funds to deceive them.

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How Does This Scam Work?

During the job search, desperate job seekers who have already shared their phone numbers with others are the first victims of scams that start off by sending texts. It says in the text to reply for the next steps if you’re interested in the employment offer.

Subsequently, when job candidates express interest in that offer, con artists get in touch with them by impersonating the genuine person whose name appears on those texts.

Job seekers are tricked by con artists into falling for their traps by promising them huge salaries for jobs that require little work.

Next, con artists approach prospective employees for private information like their bank account number, credit card number, and much more. Seldom do con artists demand an advance payment to guarantee a position within the company.

After job seekers comply with all requests made by scammers, the scammers break off contact with them and take all of their money.

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How to Spot This Scam?

You can search for many warning signs in the text messages that appear to be from CareerBuilder offering high-paying positions. First, a professional organization will get in touch with you via official channels rather than text messaging.

Professional organizations frequently get in touch with job seekers by direct phone calls or emails, and the communications also originate from their official domain. You can check those SMS messages for grammatical mistakes and a lack of context.

Because professional organizations never make grammatical errors and always give job candidates the complete context and job descriptions in their communications.

It’s a fraud if you come across any such warning signs in texts purporting to be from CareerBuilder and promising high-paying jobs.

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