Wayfair 90% Off Clearance Sale Scam Exposed!

Wayfari 90% off clearance sale scam

A brand-new internet fraud has emerged, masquerading as the well-known and trustworthy online retailer Wayfair. Scammers trick users by planning a 90% off clearance sale trap.

In this post, we are going to scrutinize this Wayfair 90% off clearance sale scam and let you know how to secure yourself and your money from it.

Wayfair 90% Off Clearance Scam?

There have been multiple Wayfair advertisements on social media sites claiming a 90% off clearance sale on furniture and home products. Scammers are running these advertisements, and the goods discounts that are mentioned are only fictitious.

Scammers use discounts and clearance sales under the guise of Wayfair as a means of tricking unsuspecting customers into falling for their traps. There is a link in those fraudulent social media advertisements to buy those deeply discounted goods.

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How Does This Scam Work?

Users are redirected to a website that mimics the official Wayfair website when they click on the URL indicated in those fraudulent Wayfair 90% off clearance sale ads on social media. By using Wayfair’s name and logo, the con artists made a copy of it.

Wayfair official website

Users must enter sensitive information while placing an order and pay for the goods to purchase the heavily discounted items from the phony Wayfair website.

Scammers may use your personal information to commit identity theft or frequently withdraw large sums of money from your account. And when you pay for the item, the con artists shut off contact with you, so you don’t receive any merchandise.

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How to Spot This Scam?

There are a few ways to identify the fake social media posts and websites purporting to be Wayfair that are having a 90% percent clearance sale. Firstly, since no brand will give you a 90% discount on their products, you need to exercise common sense.

Additionally, as scammers frequently make this mistake, you should look for social media links, missing content, and grammatical issues in websites claiming to be affiliated with Wayfair that are advertising a 90% off clearance sale on their goods.

Moreover, you ought to examine the layout and style of the website as most con artists create phony websites with subpar themes and logos.

Therefore, you should be aware that the websites or social media ads touting Wayfair’s 90% off clearance sale are scams if you notice any of these warning signs.

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