DSW Outlets Scam: Beware of Fake Websites

dsw outlet scam

A new set of websites is operating in the market with the claims that they are affiliated websites of an established brand DSW.

In this post, we will explain the DSW Outlet Scam and let you know how to identify such scams.

What is DSW Outlet?

DSW is a popular shoe brand in the USA. There are many websites on the internet that pretend to be a DSW Outlet and provide products at cheaper rates.

Dsw.com is the original website of the DSW brand which allows online orders and delivery.

dsw outlets

There are a bunch of websites that sell items related to fashion such as apparel, footwear, and accessories. DSWSale.online is such an example of a fake website, that pretends to be a DSW Outlet.

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DSW Outlet Scam

There are many red flags that can help you to identify DSW Outlet Scam websites.

  • Imitating another established brand
  • No information available about operators
  • No information of headquarters provided
  • Copying content of another’s website
  • Accusations of counterfeit products
  • Failed contact support

Any other domains that cloned the website design and content from dsw.com can defraud you, therefore you should avoid them.

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What is the original website of DSW?

dsw.com is the original website of DSW.

How to prevent DSW outlet scam?

If you want to prevent DSW outlet scam, you should only order products from the original website mentioned above.

How to identify DSW outlet scam?

Instead of directly using DSW names, the scam website makes use of domain names like “DSW Warehouse Outlet,” “DSW Shoe Deals,” and “DSW Clearance Fashions.”

What to do if already scammed by DSW?

You can contact to respective authority of your country and report them about these website.

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