Equifax Text Messages Scam Exposed!

Equifax text messages scam

The public has been exposed to a new fraud that uses text messages purporting to be from the reputable organization Equifax.

Thus, we will examine the Equifax text message scam in this piece and provide advice on how to prevent being a victim of it.

What is Equifax Text Messages Scam?

So, con artists have started sending phishing SMS messages purporting to be Equifax to consumers affected by the most recent Optus data leak.

Equifax official website

The fraudulent text messages are incredibly alluring and deceptive. It informs people that they are eligible for a free Equifax subscription and purports to be from Equifax. The recipients can get a free subscription by clicking on the link in the message.

Equifax scam text message

After that, clicking the link takes visitors to what appears to be a valid Equifax website, but in actuality, it is a counterfeit website designed by con artists using the Equifax name and logo. The next step is for you to register on that fictitious website.

To get a free subscription to Equifax, which includes many credit monitoring services, you must provide your credit card information during the registration process on that fraudulent Equifax website.

Nevertheless, the victim receives nothing after entering their credit card information to register on the fraudulent Equifax website made by con artists. The free Equifax service trap was set up to obtain people’s credit card information.

Once they have your credit card details, scammers can use them to steal money from your bank account and use your credit card information for other illegal purposes. It is very crucial to identify this hoax.

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How To Detect?

There are a few ways to recognize the Equifax text message scam. To begin with, apply common sense, which states that no one offers their services for free—especially not in the form of unwanted texts.

Thus, always be wary of unsolicited text messages that offer something for free, as they almost certainly involve a trap. In addition, since scammers are sending out SMS messages, constantly proofread them for grammar mistakes and tone.

Finally, we would want to advise our readers to ignore and not respond to any unsolicited SMS messages that purport to offer free Equifax subscriptions. Likewise, avoid clicking on any links contained in such dubious messages.

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