Indeed International Recruitment Job Agency Scam Exposed!

indeed international recruitment agency scam

A recent fraud has been going around the market that uses WhatsApp messaging to target those looking for work in WFH. This fraud is being perpetrated under the guise of a major international recruiting firm called “Indeed.”

As a result, we will inform you about this scam in this post and provide advice on how to prevent becoming a victim of it.

What is Indeed International Recruitment Agency Scam?

Usually, WhatsApp messages are used to initiate the scam. They obtain all the information they require about you after obtaining your complete resume, which you posted to employment websites.

Indeed official website

They say they got your resume from Indeed, where you applied to multiple positions. Indeed, is a global employment platform that allows you to apply from the comfort of your home for remote work opportunities across multiple nations.

Once they have your resume, the scammers typically get in touch with you via an unsolicited WhatsApp message, offering you a high-paying job that you can do from home.

They ask you to go through an additional interview process if their high-paying bogus job offer manages to entice you.

Once you agree to the following stages, they perform an interview procedure. Occasionally, they conduct video interviews to make the process appear real. Amid those pretenses of fictitious interviews, the scammers want your official identification documents and personal data.

 To appear genuine, the scammers would then undoubtedly offer you a fake job and inform you of the wage breakdown. The scammers then request bank account details from their victims after persuading them that they have been hired through video interviews.

Scammers occasionally demand an advance insurance payment to obtain the WFH position. The scammers cut you off when you provide them your sensitive personal and financial information or pay the mandatory upfront insurance charge.

Once the connection is terminated, they may use your data for identity theft which could cost you a significant amount of money over time. You must learn how to spot this Indeed International Recruitment Agency Scam as a result.

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How To Detect?

First and foremost, you should always verify whether the sender’s number is a personal or business number because professional organizations only employ business contacts to get in touch with people.

Furthermore, it is a major red flag when a company requests advance payments or sensitive financial information, such as bank account passwords, to secure a position. Professional companies never do this.

You can also search for the tone of a WhatsApp message since scammers tend to highlight urgency to rob victims of their time and make them more likely to fall victim.

As a result, we advise you to disregard any unsolicited WhatsApp messages that show these warning signs right away.

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