UK Government Gateway Emails: Legit or Scam?

Government Gateway scam emails

Customers of Government Gateway have been receiving shady emails stating that to continue using the website, customers must verify their email addresses.

We will examine the information included in those emails and provide a quick analysis of them in this post, letting you know if they are genuine or not.

What is a Government Gateway?

An IT system called the Government Gateway was created to register users for online services offered by the UK government, like getting a driver’s license and accessing the online services of HMRC.

The UK government’s non-ministerial department HMRC, usually known as HM Revenue and Customs, is in charge of tax collection.

Government Gateway official website

People have been receiving emails lately purporting to be from Government Gateway, with the subject line requesting that you click on the provided link to verify your email address. Readers are then directed by the link to a page that mimics Government Gateway’s official website.

Furthermore, clients of Government Gateway have started receiving other dubious emails as well. Some emails purport to be from HMRC and notify recipients of their tax refund. If recipients wish to claim their refund, they must click on the provided link, which will likewise take them to a website that looks a lot like the Government Gateway.

Government Gateway False Emails

Our inquiry into these emails began because users of Government Gateway started to have doubts about them due to the highly suspicious components they included.

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Government Gateway Scam Emails

Thus, based on what we found, these emails purporting to provide information concerning tax refunds or email address re-verification are entirely fraudulent and originate from con artists.

These emails are being widely circulated by scammers in an attempt to obtain your financial information, which they can use to frequently steal large sums of money. For this reason, your data is so important.

The URLs found in emails direct users to a phony website that con artists have constructed to mimic the official Government Gateway website to make it appear authentic.

As per HMRC, A few email addresses that con artists frequently use to spread links to phony Government Gateway websites are:

HMRC or Government Gateway don’t use any of these emails. Additionally, we have to give you exposure to the official Government Gateway website, GOV.UK, so you can use their services and complete the necessary tasks.

It is therefore advised that you disregard any emails that come from the aforementioned bogus email addresses and avoid clicking on any links in them.

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