Grey Advertisement Agency Job Scams Exposed!

Grey Advertisement agency scam messages

In the wake of people’s financial struggles, con artists have recently begun sending unsolicited messages under the guise of Grey Group Advertising on various social media platforms, specifically aimed at desperate job searchers.

This article will discuss the Grey Group Advertising media fraud and provide advice on how to avoid it.

Grey Group Advertising Media Scam

Scammers have been contacting job seekers lately via emails, texts, or messaging apps on other social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

The emails sent to job seekers include offers from Grey Group for work-from-home positions. Advertising for a range of positions, including product advocate, and brand ambassador, and advertising amazing remote customer service.

Grey Advertising Agency official website

To entice more people, the work-from-home job offers stated in those emails or texts offer extremely high monthly salaries. In addition to offering high compensation, the job offers details of the responsibilities of these positions.

According to those communications, your five hours of work a day should only consist of small chores like processing orders, writing reviews, evaluating products, sharing affiliate links, and other simple digital tasks.

If the candidates accept the work-from-home offer, a link in those messages takes them to a website called “Grey Group Advertising Media Mall,” which is branded differently from the Grey Group Advertising Agency’s official website.

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Are These Jobs Offer Legit?

The websites to which job seekers are redirected are not connected to the real Grey Group Advertisement Agency; rather, they are operated by con artists. The primary method of fraud is through these websites, which are essentially dubbed Grey Group Advertisement Agency with minimal name modification.

Upon visiting these fictitious websites made under the guise of Grey Group Advertisement Agency, victims are asked to complete a few quick tasks including liking postings on social media, watching promotional videos, and referring friends.

These tasks seem completely different from the job roles mentioned in those messages and are referred to as part of the training period. In exchange for those tasks, victims are provided dollars that are constantly updated in the dashboard of the website.

After the victim gives the requested money by which he can withdraw the money he had earned by completing tasks throughout the training period, the scammers cut off communication with the victim, and the victim is left without any money.

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How To Identify This Scam?

We have discovered that scammers have constructed a small number of websites under the name Grey Group Advertisement. You should immediately recognize it’s a fraud if any of the communications from Grey Group lead you to these websites:


Remember that is the official website of the Grey Group Advertising Agency; if you need to visit, go to this website exclusively.

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