Grey Advertising Team Job Legit or Scam?

grey advertising job scam

Among the different job seekers, a fresh fraud that goes by the company name “Grey Advertising” has been going around quite a bit. Scammers have so far managed to trick several job searchers.

As a result, we’ll cover how to spot the Grey Advertising Job Application Scam in this piece along with what to do if you fall for it.

What is Grey Advertising?

With its headquarters located in New York, Grey Advertising is a multinational marketing and advertising firm. It was established in 2017 and has been in business ever since. Its offices are spread around 96 nations. Its founders are Larry Valenstein, Arthur C. Fatt, and Lawrence Valenstein.

Grey Advertising scam

Recently, several job seekers have uploaded their resumes online to be contacted by potential employers. In addition, a great number of people received job offers from the Grey Advertising organization; nevertheless, the offers were quite suspect due to the inclusion of multiple questionable components.

This is how some of the job offers went:

Dear Confidential,

I have recently viewed your resume online and feel you may be qualified for our Financial Analyst position. We are Grey Marketing Team, a national management and marketing firm. We assist companies in maximizing their marketing dollars by developing advertising, sales, and marketing campaigns.

We are currently seeking an Assistant Financial Analyst to help our Senior Marketing staff evaluate proposals for our clients. An Assistant Financial Analyst's responsibilities would include the following:

Evaluating results of ongoing media campaigns

Analyzing the profitability of proposals

Generating Client's potential profitability

This position offers direct hands-on experience working with clients. We offer the following:

Starting Salary of $59,750

Quarterly and annual bonuses

Top benefits package including medical, dental, 401k, tuition reimbursement,

paid vacation and holidays, and paid holidays

Rapid advancement opportunities

The person we are seeking must fit the following description of the five:

Be a self-starter

Be motivated to succeed

Be willing to travel occasionally

Be a team player

Be willing to learn and educate himself or herself

If you feel this position is for you please apply online at:

Go to the employment section

Select the Assistant Financial Analyst position

Fill out the application.

Once you have filled out the application completely I will contact you for an interview.

Vonda Dixon


Human Resources

Grey Marketing Team

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Grey Advertising Team Job Scam

We found that these employment offers are not from genuine Grey Advertising, but rather from con artists. Many warning signs in employment offers can be utilized to recognize fraudulent emails.

Most of the time, the red flags are the senders’ anonymity, fictitious identity, inflated pay claims, lack of identification, grammatical errors, absence of important information, and address. The two names that job candidates most frequently use—Vonda Dixon and Jeff Deery—are completely fake.

Therefore, you should be aware that a job offer appearing in the name of Grey Advertising organization is coming from scammers and not the company if you see any of these suspicious components.

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Is Grey Advertising legal?

Yes, Grey Advertising is a legitimate company.

From where Grey Advertising is operating?

Grey Advertising is operating from New York, United States.

How do you identify false Grey Advertising Job offers?

If you find any of the suspicious elements mentioned above in the job offer coming from Grey Advertising, it is clear that it is coming from a scammer.

What to do if I received any job offers from False Grey Advertising Company?

The employment offers from phony Grey Advertising Companies should be immediately ignored or avoided, and if at all feasible, you should also report this to the appropriate authorities in your area.

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