GV Football Review: Real or Fake App?

GV Football Review

In the ever-growing world of online fantasy sports, GV Football App has gained significant attention. It promises users the opportunity to play games, create their own teams, and earn money.

However, recent concerns have emerged regarding the app’s legitimacy and users’ ability to withdraw their earnings. In this comprehensive GV Football review, we will delve into the features, income plan, and credibility of the GV Football App to help users make an informed decision.

What is GV Football?

GV Football is an online fantasy sports app that allows users to create their own teams and earn money by winning matches. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app has been downloaded by over 2 million users.


Update: GVFootball.com is their official website which is closed for a long time.

To use GV Football, users must first create an account and deposit money into their account. Once they have deposited money, they can start creating teams. To create a team, users must select players from a pool of available players. The players that they select will determine the strength of their team.

Matches are played against other users who have created teams. The winner of a match is the team that scores the most points.

Users earn money by winning matches. The amount of money that they earn depends on the number of points that their team scores. Users can also earn money by referring other users to the app.

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GV Football Income Plan

GV Football offers a variety of income-earning schemes, including:

1. First Recharge Reward

Users who make a first recharge of at least ₹5000 are eligible to earn a reward of ₹700.

2. Friday Commission

Users who recharge their account on a Friday are eligible to earn a 5% commission on their recharge amount.

3. VIP Rewards

Users who reach VIP status are eligible to earn daily rewards. The amount of the reward depends on the user’s VIP level.

4. Team Development Monthly Salary Rewards

Users who help their team members reach Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 are eligible to earn a monthly salary. The amount of the salary depends on the user’s team’s level, as shown below in the image.


5. Rebates

Users earn a rebate on the earnings of their first three downline levels. The percentage of the rebate depends on the user’s downline level as shown in below picture:

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GV Football App Review

GV Football is a lot more engaging than other popular fantasy apps. Cause not only from tournaments, but you can earn a lot of money from referrals and rewards. But here are some major red flags to consider.

1. Ponzi Scheme Plan

GV Football gives commissions from multi-level downlines like an MLM company, but this app is completely illegal.

This app induces the user to invest thousands of rupees, as well as gives a huge referral commission. While this is not the case with other Fantasy apps.

2. Operators are Hiding

In other Fantasy App, the correct information of a big company or founder is present. But this is not the case with GV Football. Very little is known about it, and it is not even registered as a company.

Due to this, the possibility of fraud increases.

3. GV Football Withdrawal Problem

GV Football is not present on the Play Store like other fantasy apps, which is a good thing. But many people had put lakhs of rupees in this app for the rewards, their money is stuck.

GV Football Withdrawal

Many people have reported on consumercomplaintscourt.com about the app. But its website is still operational.

4. Lack of Registration

GV Football is not registered as a legitimate company, further amplifying doubts about its authenticity and potentially fraudulent activities.

5. Poorly Made App

Users have criticized the app’s quality, suggesting that it lacks the professionalism and reliability associated with established fantasy apps.

6. Negative Reviews

There are several negative reviews online, highlighting users’ negative experiences, unfulfilled promises, and suspicions of being scammed.

8. Click a Button Theme

The theme of GV Football is the same as most of the click-a-button Ponzi schemes. Also, the payment methods are the same as those used in most of the fraud Click button websites/apps.

7. Absence of Communication Channels

GV Football lacks customer support channels or social media presence, making it difficult for users to address their concerns or seek assistance.

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GV Football Real or Fake?

GV Football is a scam app that should be avoided. There are many red flags that indicate that the app is not legitimate, including the fact that it is not registered as a company, the founder is not known, and there are a lot of bad reviews online against it.

Users who have invested money in the app are advised to withdraw their money as soon as possible and to avoid using the app in the future.

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