Warner Music Group Review: Legit or Another Scam?

warner music group scam

There has been news going on the market that the Warner Music Group has decided to provide a portion of the profits to all platform members due to the surplus profit.

In this post, we will fact-check this news and advice you to whether invest in it or not.

What is Warner Music Group?

Warner Music Group is an american multinational entertainment record label conglomerate. It is one of the most prestigious music labels in the USA.

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group’s Headquarters is located in New York, USA. The founding group of this company is the famous American movie production house Warner Bros.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website Wmg.com is 440k+ with top countries reaching the USA (45%) and Canada (6%). And, its domain was registered on November 1994, as per WHOIS.

But the investment scheme which operates with the name and logo of Warner Music Group is operated through Warnermusicc.com.

Warnermusicc.com has the most traffic from Pakistan, Austria and France and the domain was registered in December 2022.

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Warner Group Joining Process

You have to visit the Warner Music Group’s Telegram channel and navigate the sign-up link there; following that, you have to input some basic information about yourself, such as your email, on the sign-up page.

After completing these steps, the joining procedure will be complete. The minimum deposit amount is 40 USDT.

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Warner Group Compensation plan

According to the compensation plan provided on the company’s telegram channel, you have to deposit a set amount to join the wealth management program that was recently launched.

There are two methods to make money with Warner Group: you can earn bonuses by depositing a set amount right away, and you can also invest your money for a particular period and receive a certain percentage of returns.

Deposit amountBonus
500 USDT100 USDT
1000 USDT200 USDT
2000USDT400 USDT

Investing for a fixed amount of period:

Investing amountTime­ PeriodReturns
200 USDT30 days100%
300 USDT45 days280%
500 USDT90 days400%
1000 USDT180 days900%
2000 USDT360 days2000%

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Warner Music Group Review

We find it extremely odd that one of the most prominent music labels in the entertainment sector would offer its members a portion of the company’s profits through a wealth program.

Because of this, we investigated it and discovered many covert red flags. Let’s look at it.

Not a WMG scheme

It is incomprehensible for anybody to believe that the Warner Music Group, a huge organization that has been active in the market for decades, is engaging in such a shoddy act of seeking investment.

Additionally, there is no information on its wealth program or profit-sharing plan, leading us to believe that it is not being carried out by the genuine Warner Music Group.

Fake Domain

The domain that is available on its Telegram channel, where they are offering a wealth program, is simply different from the business’s original domain. The differences between the two domains are readily apparent.

The real domain of Warner Music Group is wmg.com whereas scammers are using Warnermusicc.com.

WMG false domain

We can also see how meticulously they used the exact Warner Music Group logo to lure consumers into their trap. There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this: Some nameless crooks committed this act and are robbing individuals using fake programs.

Operated Through Social Media

All of the fraudulent schemes and programs are not well-marketed since the con artists are aware that the Warner Music Group is already well-known and that consumers will be drawn to it.

Furthermore, they are trying to conceal their identity, therefore they are using social media instead of any other commercial platform. If the real Warner Music Group discovers this, they may track them down and penalize them.

Should I Invest in Warner Music Group?

Mostly the investment opportunity you find on social media platforms like Telegram are fraud. Someone has created a dummy website and using the name of Warner Music Group loot people around the world.

We recently revealed Connected Investors investment fraud which is a similar scam to Warner Music Group. These telegram scammers are trying their best to deceive people, so verify before making any such investment.

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