HSBC Scam Text Messages Exposed!

HSBC text messages scam

A scam has surfaced recently using the name of a very famous bank that operates globally known as HSBC. The scam is being circulated through text messages and targeting HSBC customers.

In this post, we are going to scrutinize this HSBC text message scam and let you know how to make yourself secure and aware of it.

What is HSBC Text Scam?

HSBC scam starts with a text message circulated among HSBC users informing them that there has been an attempt to access your account by someone and this might be a potential threat or fraudulent activity to your account.

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You must return a call to the number given in those scam SMS messages to protect your account from any threats. You will be connected with scammers via that number because text messages do not originate from the actual HSBC bank.

After contacting that number, the con artists will request your bank codes, username, and personal information to access your account. Scammers can use this information to steal large sums of money from your bank account.

To look legitimate to HSBC clients and defraud them of their money, the con artists will meticulously impersonate HSBC bank. Their text messages will appear just like those sent by the actual HSBC bank.

Therefore, to protect your money from scammers, you should be able to recognize the scam text messages.

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How To Spot?

It goes without saying that no legitimate bank will ask for sensitive information, like banking codes or other login credentials, over the phone, so you should always be wary of anyone requesting personal information or login credentials.

Furthermore, always carefully read the text that purports to be from HSBC because scam texts contain nothing at all, whereas real banks always provide full context for any concerns they share in text messages.

HSBC Scam text

If you receive a notice that your account is potentially threatened, you should contact your bank immediately by calling their official customer service number or via their banking app.

likewise, bear in mind that no matter what, you should never give your credentials or any other information to someone over the phone because no legitimate bank would ever request such information over phone calls.

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