Mission Lane Credit Scam Calls Exposed!

Mission Lane credit calls scam

A new fraud has been making the rounds in the market via voicemails and phone calls posing as well-known fin-tech company Mission Lane.

As a result, we will discuss Mission Lane Credit scam calls in this post and advise you on what to do if you receive any of them.

Mission Lane Credit Scam Calls

Lately, individuals have started receiving voicemails and phone calls—which, in certain instances, are robocalls—notifying them that their credit card payments are past due.

The intriguing thing about these robocalls claiming to be coming from Mission Lane is that users who don’t even have an account there are getting voicemails and phone calls with final notices about unpaid bills.

Because of this, those who have been receiving robocalls have begun to question whether or not these calls are indeed coming from Mission Lane.

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Are These Calls Legit?

According to our analysis, these robocalls are coming from scammers and have nothing to do with the actual Mission Lane. Scammers’ main goal is to obtain your credentials and other vital financial information so they can steal money.

Through robocalls, con artists inform victims that they still owe money and that this is their final notice to pay. In this scam, con artists persuade victims to return calls to the specified number on those automated messages.

Mission Lane official website

To finish your payment before final notice, the scammers will request your credentials and financial details when you return their call to the number those fraudulent robocalls provided.

Scammers can steal large sums of money from you and use your financial and personal information to commit other crimes like identity theft once you give them access to your credentials and financial information.

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What To Do?

First and foremost, it’s important to be able to determine whether these robocalls are actually coming from scammers or Mission Lane. A few telltale signs can assist you in spotting these fraudulent robocalls.

The first warning sign is the extremely unprofessional way in which robocalls are used to contact people and request that they return calls to a different number.

Furthermore, you should recognize right away that Mission Lane is a hoax if you don’t have an account there.

You should watch out for the tone and mannerisms of the people answering those calls if you happen to phone back to the aforementioned numbers in an attempt to avoid the repercussions of the “final notice.” Scammers often use unprofessional tones.

Additionally, con artists attempt to convince victims fast by employing language that conveys a sense of urgency, making it difficult for them to think clearly and luring them into the trap as soon as possible. This sense of haste is therefore incredibly unprofessional.

Therefore, you should immediately disregard any robocall that purports to be from Mission Lane if you notice any of these warning signs and if at all feasible, you should also report it to 1-855-790-8860.

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