Idealist Review: Legit or Another Scam?

Idealist review

There are many rumors in the public domain circulating concerning Idealist International Recruitment Agency’s authenticity after so many years in business.

We’ll discover in this post whether or if Idealist is a dubious organization, as suggested by several rumors.

What is Idealist?

Idealist is an international recruitment agency that essentially serves as a job board and resource center, linking job searchers with social impact organizations across the globe. Established in 1996, it is a non-profit organization.

Idealist official website

It began as an initiative of Action Without Borders. Idealist gives social entrepreneurs, neighborhood associations, and mission-driven companies a place to publish job openings, volunteer opportunities, internships, and events.

Ami Dar

Ami Dar is the founder of Idealist and its headquarters is in New York, United States of America.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website are 1M+ with the top countries reaching the United States (76%), Mexico (6%), and Argentina (3%). Moreover, its domain was last updated on June 2023, as per WHOIS.

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Organization Profile
Known asIdealist
Services offeredJob offers
Domain registration date22 August 1996
Address389 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016
Contact email[email protected]

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Idealist Review

We have discovered that all claims that Idealist is a bogus organization are baseless after looking at its organizational characteristics. Here are a few of its Pros to support that claim:

  • Founder present in the market for a long time
  • Full transparency in operations
  • No history of illegal activities
  • Headquarters address provided
  • Email and phone number provided for contact support
  • Well-designed business website

All of the accusations and rumours that Idealist is a dubious organization are untrue and were only disseminated to the general public with some false information. A non-profit with this level of recognition and experience in the industry will unlikely engage in a hoax.

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Who is the operator of Idealist?

Ami Dar is the operator of Idealist.

From where Idealist is operating?

Idealist is operating from the United States but it has offices across the globe.

Is Idealist legit?

Yes, Idealist appears to be a legitimate platform.

Should I use the services of Idealist?

Yes, you can use the services of Idealist without any hesitation.

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