InvesableAI Collapsed! What to do Next?

InvesableAI Collapsed

We have previously issued warnings to investors about various Ponzi scheme scams and how they can go bust and cost you a lot of money. Now another online scam InvesableAI recently collapsed.

If you were an investment in InvesableAI and are wondering what to do now that it has collapsed, this post will provide you with a quick overview.

InvesableAI Collapse

On September 17, InvesableAI sent an email to all of its investors informing them of their collapse and turning off withdrawals for investors on their website.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I hope this message finds you in good health despite the challenging times we find ourselves in.

Market Volatility

We must have an open and honest conversation. In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has exhibited extreme volatility.

Here are the key announcements for today:

Firstly, to address the situation comprehensively, we are taking immediate measures.

We will temporarily halt all withdrawals, and investments, and pause all packages. Our immediate focus is resolving pending withdrawals.

We understand this may cause inconvenience, and we ask for your understanding and patience during this critical period.

We anticipate that this could take up to one week, but please know that our team is working diligently.

Secondly, we must candidly address the road ahead. We request your unwavering support during this challenging time.

While market conditions may be adverse, we firmly believe that together, we can navigate these stormy waters.

We urge you to consider the bigger picture. The allure of quick riches is tempting, but we must stand united even in the face of adversity. We ask you to give our team 40 days to recover the losses and restore stability.

It was a cryptocurrency trading platform that had previously asserted that its trading bot could generate profits of up to 125% over 25 days.

Overall, they told the investors in the email that their trading bot had previously excelled in the market and that they should continue to have faith in it.

Additionally, they claimed that trading in cryptocurrencies is inherently risky and that the market has shown extraordinary volatility. They had to overcome hardship and required your assistance during those tough moments.

They claim to have temporarily stopped all withdrawals, investments, and packages, which implies that they have also stopped all significant business operations.

First of all, it is obvious that it has collapsed, and the owners are attempting to exit the company. They have also threatened to sue anyone who criticizes the temporary suspension of InvesableAI.

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How to Withdraw funds from InvesableAI?

Even if they promised to reimburse the investors, it is quite doubtful that will happen. According to reports, the InvesableAI will finish leaving in the following 40 days, at which point they will also stop communicating.

They have just sold their investment packages with promises of improbable profits, and they are obviously attempting to hide the exit using an excuse of market volatility, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is always volatile.

Their website is still active, but it is the least regulated online platform, hence government interference is hard to expect.

If you invested in InvesableAI and they did not refund your investment, you can file a complaint with the appropriate government authority in your country that oversees this type of business operation and give them information about InvesableAI.

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