Is Inked Magazine Cover Girl Contest Scam?

Inked magazine contest legit

Due to several issues with Inked’s annual magazine contest, the public has recently begun to question the legitimacy of Inked, a long-standing and well-known magazine and lifestyle firm.

As a result, we will address those people’s worries and questions regarding the validity of the Inked magazine contest in this post and let you know whether it is genuine or not.

What is Inked Magazine Contest?

Every year, Inked, a multimillion-dollar magazine group that has been operational for nearly two decades and is quite well-known, holds a contest called Inked Cover Girl. Since 2017, this competition has been held annually.

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Anyone can enter and take part in this contest by simply completing the official Inked entry form. Voters select their favorite cover girl from a list of applications, with one vote per day being used to determine the contest winner.

The prizes for winning this competition are a chance to be the cover girl of Inked magazine, which is a great opportunity for anyone to obtain publicity, $25,000, and a tattoo from a well-known tattoo artist.

However, many past contestants claim that things are not as easy as they appear on the surface. A few competitors have begun to refer to it as a hoax, either explicitly or indirectly.

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Is Inked Magazine Contest Legit?

The voting process for this contest is quite questionable, as many past contestants have indicated, yet the fact that participants win the Inked magazine contest and are featured as their cover girl in the magazine is true.

Numerous contestants have disclosed that it is possible to purchase votes in this competition, which renders the voting process utterly illogical. Numerous candidates have voiced their displeasure with the voting procedure.

The competitors were surprised upon learning about this initiative, as Inked is a multimillion-dollar company already, and it appeared senseless for them to engage in such acts.

From Inked’s point of view, the reasoning for this appears to be to capitalize on the audiences of the creators taking part in the competition and direct all of the creators’ audiences onto the Inked platform.

However, our assessment of the Inked Magazine annual contest is that it is entirely legitimate; the only reason it has come under scrutiny is that a lot of participants are unhappy with the format and regulations of this competition.

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